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Wikimedia Community User Group Malaysia

This page is the 2021 Annual Report for Wikimedia Community User Group Malaysia (MYS) for the period of 10 September 2020 – 9 September 2021. This annual report is the fourth report submitted by the user group after its official formation and formal recognition on 10 September 2017.

Note: By default, all of the links written here are directed to Meta-Wiki pages. If not, then it will be directed to English Wikipedia pages, and some to Wikimedia Commons or third-party websites.


This fourth year of the user group establishment saw some big milestone achievements in their presence in Malaysia. Although the COVID-19 pandemic is still impacting almost everyone around the globe, nevertheless the user group has been able to obtain a number of achievements.

On 24 September 2020, we've launched our official LinkedIn group for the user group. On 11 January 2021, two of our editors were featured in Malaysian local newspaper. Also in the same month on 20 January 2020, one of our editor were interviewed live on Malaysia local radio station. Also in the end of January 2021, one of the English-language Wikivoyage article about a city in Malaysia (which was heavily written and expanded by one of our editor) became Destination of the Month for January 2021, the first time for such achievement made by the Malaysian user group.



The following list is the new editors who joined the user group because of the outreach events made by the user group during the 2021 reporting period. Only those who have made their Meta-Wiki or Wikipedia username and user pages will be listed here.


Note: By default, all of the events are meetups, unless specified otherwise; or if they are more detailed than just meetups. All locations are in Malaysia, unless specified otherwise. All events were organized by the user group or the second party we were dealing directly with, unless specified "(participated)", in which we took part in a larger event organized by the third party.



  • Conference is a full-day event with detailed in-depth knowledge exchange and/or training in editing Wikipedia and Wikimedia Foundation offline projects
  • Meetup is a general meeting between editors face-to-face discussing Wikipedia without really focusing on Wikipedia in the Internet
  • Online Meetup is a general meeting between editors online in webinar form discussing Wikipedia without really focusing on Wikipedia in the Internet
  • Presentation is a one-way explanation about Wikipedia to audience in which the audience do not really engaged in editing Wikipedia
  • Workshop is an event where there is presentation and also the engagement from the audience in learning or editing Wikipedia in their computer

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Note: Archiving these website might be necessary to be done soon because the information contained in it might easily be changed in the future by the website host.

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Planned activities[edit]

  • Consolidate and reactivate WikiProject Malaysia (in English-language Wikipedia) and make it fully under the scope of the user group
  • Full revamp and overhaul of all article layouts and categories in Malay-language Wikipedia.
  • Push for getting Malaysia indigenous languages in its Wikipedia language version.


Wikimedia Foundation[edit]

We would like to express our utmost gratitude to Wikimedia Foundation for the warm hospitality or full support and sponsorship of:


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