Wikimedia Community User Group Pakistan

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Wikimedia Community User Group Pakistan

Pakistan map on globe
Location Flag of Pakistan.svg Pakistan
Country code AZ
Approval date 17 September 2014
Official language(s) Urdu, English
Other language(s)

Wikimedia Community User Group Pakistan (Urdu: ویکیمیڈیا برادری کے پاکستانی صارفین کا گروہ) is an officially recognised Wikimedia user group for Wikimedians living in, or connected to Pakistan.

As an official Wikimedia affiliate, we support the goals of the Wikimedia Foundation, including the work of volunteers on Wikimedia projects as well as numerous other free knowledge initiatives. Our aim is to support, promote, and educate the general Pakistani public about the availability and use of free and open educational content, which includes the ability to access, develop and contribute to Wikimedia projects.