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6 Strategy processes in Wikimedia organisations

tl;dr: actually, difficult to summarize.


Markus (WMDE) and Simon (WMUK) presenting

Simon Knight from WMUK[edit]

  • How we can help people to do things they find useful?
  • two pressures in structure processes
    • Stability
    • Flexibility
  • WMF aims get parted in strategic objects
  • lessons
    • impact methods is highlighted
    • need for tools
    • challenges
  • five strategic goals
    • develop open Knowledge
    • effective use of the resources
    • reduce barriers to accessing Open Knowledge
    • Encourage and support technological innovation
    • develop, support and engage with other Wikimedia communities
  • there are several indicators to measure success

Marcus from Wikimedia Deutschland[edit]

  • Board change every year
  • so there are papers for this
  • main goal is a light weight strategy (understandable) in a living document
  • interviews to find out what people think about Wikimedia Germany
  • its easy to get lost in definitions
  • WMDE decided against external consultants
  • Drafting things takes a lot of time, fighting a lot about wordings and meaning of wordings
  • strategy for four years, and assess the strategy after one year. the strategy should be "living"
  • searching for an inclusing way for this


  • Has anyone worked with external consultants? Was it effective?
  • How do you make use of external consultants?
  • How much time did you take, and what stakeholders do you work with?
  • How do we do strategy inclusively?
  • How do we collaborate across chapters, etc?
  • What level of strategy do you work with--a framework (WMUK) or a planning doc, etc.
  • Strategy pre/post Executive Director employment?
  • What kind of strategy levels are existing?
  • What do we do with annual plan activities which don't fit into our (or WMF) strategy?
  • What points do we set targets for?
  • How and when do you engage community?
  • What question should we ask to get people to participate (not "what should our strategy be?")
  • What is the experience on
  • How do we relate overall, and technical/educational/GLAM, etc. strategy?

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