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Main sights in the inner-city[edit]

general information
  • Who offers this tour?: Martin Rulsch (DerHexer), born and living in Berlin
  • How can I reach you?: I will contact you in advance via wikimail to give you further information, but you can also contact me by derhexer(_AT_)
  • Where will we meet?: reception desk at your hotel
  • When will we meet?: 9:30 am
  • Where will we split?: TBD, I'll take you back to the hotel after dinner though
  • When will we split?: about 7:00 pm (certainly, we can have dinner together)
  • How much do I have to pay?: probably just local transport (a day ticket would be useful, group tickets are feasible), but we will walk a lot nevertheless


  1. DerHexer (Talk) 12:24, 8 March 2015 (UTC)Reply[reply]
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