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Wikimedia Deutschland/2013 annual plan/projects/kt1

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Key theme 1: Focusing on the communities[edit]

The foundation for the success of Wikipedia, the basis for the existence of the association Wikimedia Deutschland, and the most important factor in the future development of the individual Wikimedia projects and in society’s acceptance of the concept of free knowledge is the work of the communities and the individual authors, supporters, photographers, editors, administrators, software developers and association members: in short, everyone who donates knowledge, time or money.

Our work must take account of these circumstances and the commitment involved by providing the communities with the support they need, and following the aims of the association. We see our work as an active contribution to gaining new authors and ensuring the continued commitment of existing authors, and in maintaining and improving the quality of Wikimedia content.

Goal 1: Wikimedia Deutschland will simplify and improve cooperation with and within the communities on a permanent basis.[edit]

1.1. Change of role[edit]

Wikimedia Deutschland will redefine its role in the communities. The association will take a more active part in debates and support decision-making processes.

Wikimedia Deutschland has been actively involved in Wikimedia communities since its foundation, but has always maintained a passive role in any debates. We now see this passivity as counter-productive if important changes are to be collectively implemented. In the future, we will take an active part in debates to ensure that as many diverse and well-founded opinions as possible receive the attention they deserve.

This will make it possible to provide well-founded guidance on vital issues like the gender gap and declining author numbers or on far-reaching changes and debates that affect the movement at the international level. For example, we can commission expert opinions on topics of general interest and conduct research to provide a solid factual basis for discussions on controversial issues.

Our aim will be achieved if we succeed in significantly enriching debates through our contributions, that is, when we help to define topics, review facts, and objectively and regularly reassess our own position.

Projects directed at implementing this change in 2013:[edit]

1.2. Changing the working climate[edit]

Wikimedia Deutschland will increase motivation in the communities.

Positive feedback is one of the driving factors that inspire volunteers to contribute. The experience of having one’s own Wikipedia article read by thousands of people or cited by experts is very inspiring. However, a culture of mutual recognition is still rather underdeveloped in the Wikimedia projects.

We will expand the range of these support activities and close existing gaps in order to strengthen the culture of mutual recognition in particular. For example, we will give volunteers more public exposure; re-defining the Zedler Prize for Free Knowledge was a first step in that direction.

We will monitor the motivation of participants in all projects and programs.

Our goal will be achieved if participants feel significantly more motivated

Projects directed at implementing this change in 2013:[edit]

1.3. Changing support mechanisms[edit]

Wikimedia Deutschland will provide volunteers with even better support.

Volunteers must be able to get support quickly and easily so that their voluntary commitment to free knowledge is not overly burdened. Communication will be simple with clear criteria and a wide range of support mechanisms.

We will present our offers of support in a way that is quicker and easier to access and more appealing. We will publish our decision-making criteria and commit to rapid reaction times. We will communicate our appreciation of new ideas. We will simplify the process of drawing up project drafts, budgets, and reports by providing the relevant forms. The Toolserver will support the development and service of new tools.

Our goal will be achieved if a greater number of volunteers use our support structures and have received positive feedback for their contributions.

Projects directed at implementing this change in 2013:[edit]