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You can use this template to tell your story....just make a copy and adapt it!

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As part of the "PowerGirls go Wikipedia" project, ex-national player and European champion Petra Landers visits the Würzburg Dragons, the junior football club of the Würzburg sports club.
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You'll find all 17 goals as individual pics on Commons, just copy the link and put in the number of the goal you need:

EXAMPLE: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Sustainable_Development_Goal_4.png

Knowledge crystals for structuring debates
Structured discussion as insight network
Example of structured discussion about congestion charge scheme. Arguments for and against the idea are shown as hierarchical thread.
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The hero of our story is Sonja. She works at the climate team in the city of Helsinki administration. Helsinki has recently adopted a very ambitious climate action plan that covers all sectors of the city administration. Sonja was given the task to ensure that the action plan will be implemented as planned.

This is a huge task, as there are 147 distinct actions and there is very little resources for coordination. Sonja decides to join forces with the open source and open data community in Finland. She organises an open coding project where an action plan tool is developed. The tool helps to monitor all actions and their progress on a detailed level, including indicators and impact models for estimating past and future progress.

Everything is open source code, and all tools are openly available online for the whole city administration but also for all interested citizens. Citizens are also encouraged to develop and commit to their own climate actions. Sonja promotes the use of the tool within the city administration. Most of the people who see the tool are amazed about how useful and user-friendly it is.

However, the current participation tools are not good enough for the collaboration Sonja has imagined. She talks with people from Open Knowledge Finland, and they develop an idea of a new discussion tool that uses a method called knowledge crystals. The basic idea is that discussions are organised to hierarchical threads based on which argument attacks or defends which. Sonja sends two of her friends to Wikimania hackathon in Stockholm to talk with people and develop these ideas.

The friends get help from several great wikipedians, and they build a prototype based on Wikibase software. In two days they have a working demo, which also has a decent graphical user interface. It is even possible to add and edit arguments. A hope is that this new commenting approach will invite people to write more thoughtful comments and spend less words to do that.

The punchline: Everyone can be heard.

Goals of the story: Make people believe that

  • the discussion app actually helps in getting better contributions with less moderation, and
  • public administration and open source communities can come together and work effectively.

Question: How to manage climate action process?