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This page is a translated version of the page Wikimedia Foundation/Communications/Resource center and the translation is 6% complete.
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Storytelling and messaging
Learn more about telling the rich stories behind Wikimedia and tips on how to talk about Wikimedia with people who are not familiar with the Wikimedia movement.
Learn more about communicating and working with members of the press.
Design and branding
Learn more about working with Wikimedia's brand and how to build on branding materials for your Wikimedia affiliate or activities.
Social media
Learn more about utilizing social media to engage volunteers and promote Wikimedia projects.
Capacity building
Learn more about building the capacity of your project's communications abilities.
Center development
Contribute to the development of this resource center and give feedback on ideas being discussed to make this center an even more effective resource.
Join in the discussion on the Communications resource center. Your ideas and thoughts are welcome!

How you can help

This center is a resource for you, and in true Wikimedia spirit, you are invited to edit and contribute to its content. The resource center's development page includes more information on the future plans for this resource center and how you can help. Everyone is welcome to contribute ideas there, on the discussion page, or by making edits directly to the resource center.

About this resource center

This resource center is a follow-up to the Wikimedia Conference 2015 and a session entitled Communications Best Practices: Telling Movement Stories. Many communications representatives from Wikimedia affiliates attended the session in their volunteer and staff capacities. The 60-minute event was intended to kick off an ongoing exchange about skills needed and experiences, and focused on how to utilize best practice communications in our movement, rather than talk about them in one exclusive session.

We collected a list of initial communications challenges in the session. You can find these topics in the sections of this resource center, with a space for possible solutions. Please consider this page a place to begin sharing your skills and experience, pose additional questions or challenges, and work together with individuals across the movement.

In 2016, the Wikimedia Foundation Communications Department began work on developing and maintaining this resource center as a part of the Foundation's larger effort to develop resource centers for the Wikimedia community.

Feedback and contact information

You can provide feedback on this resource center on the discussion page. You can also contact the resource center's coordinator within the Communications Department, Gregory Varnum, via email (gvarnum(_AT_)wikimedia.org).