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Wikimedia Foundation Medium-term plan 2019/Brand awareness

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Wikimedia Foundation Medium-term plan 2019

This priority will clarify and strengthen the global perception of Wikimedia and our free knowledge mission, and grow affinity with people in places we don’t yet serve.

Today, Wikipedia is a household brand with 80% awareness in the North Atlantic, and poised to grow globally. We will continue to explore and refine our brand architecture to reach our 2030 goals while supporting the organization, community, and movement in achieving these goals through brand-centered product, retention, and awareness strategies.



1. Clarify and strengthen brand architecture.

Priorities supported: Brand Awareness, Thriving Movement, Global Advocacy

  • Understand and enhance brand awareness across the world. Wikimedia will be known as the infrastructure of free knowledge—the place where knowledge is set free.

2. Increase global outreach in areas where awareness is below 50%.

Priorities supported: Brand Awareness, Worldwide Readership, Thriving Movement

  • Research current global awareness levels and run localized campaigns to enhance awareness.

3. Strengthen brand affinity with existing audiences for a sustainable future.

Priorities supported: Brand Awareness, Worldwide Readership

  • Amplify the unique characteristics of  Wikimedia to increase awareness, use, and utility amongst our key audiences.



1. Increase Wikimedia awareness.

  • Build brand awareness in areas with high internet access but low Wikipedia awareness from 40% to 60% by 2024. (We will define these underrepresented emerging market regions in coming months.)

2. Strengthen Wikimedia brands.

  • Clarify and strengthen Wikimedia brands and maintain brand awareness levels at 80% in high saturation areas and mature markets.