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Ref: WMHK/DIR01/Sec/001


The Application for membership of Wikimedia Hong Kong is now open.

入會 ※ Application for membership[edit]


Before handing in any forms, please use the ways mentioned in Payment methods section, to pay HK$70 as your first year's membership fee.

協會現階段並不會提供紙張版本的報名表格,請申請人事先下載、列印並填妥申請表格[dead link]電郵給本會秘書署,聯絡協會的秘書或秘書署行政助理,以便安排收表。

Applicants shall download, print out then fill in the Application Form[dead link], then contact with Secretariat of the chapter by e-mail, to make an appointment for handing in the form.


If you're not able to read .PDF files, you may download another application form in .doc format at below.


On the day of the appointment, applicant shall bring their completed forms, identification documents, proof of the address and paid membership fees, or cheques to the designated location. The secretary or the demonstrative assistants will collect the forms from the applicants and will issue the receipt on site.


Once the application is approved, the member will be notified.

續會 ※ Renewal of Membership[edit]


If members wish to continue enjoying the benefit of the Chapters, renew your membership annually is required,

相關程序 ※ Process[edit]


NO forms are required to be filled in for renew your membership, HK$50 as the annual membership fee is required to be paid.

付款辦法 ※ Payment methods[edit]

郵寄支票 ※ By Post[edit]

會員或會籍申請人可以把支票 寄到九龍中央郵政信箱 7 3 8 5 9 號香港維基媒體協會收,會員請在支票背面上寫上會員姓名及會員編號,會籍申請人則需填寫姓名和身分證號碼。

Cheque should be sent to Wikimedia Hong Kong Limited P.O Box NO . 7 3 8 5 9 Kowloon Central Post Office. Please write your name and your account number on the back of the Cheque.


Cheque should be crossed and made payable to "Wikimedia Hong Kong Ltd"; Payment is valid only after the cheque is cleared. Post-dated Cheque are not accepted.

親身付款 ※ In Person[edit]

會員亦可以把款項存入以下銀行賬戶,並把銀行入數紙副本 寄到九龍中央郵政信箱 7 3 8 5 9 號香港維基媒體協會收 或 電郵至。會員請在副本背面上寫上會員姓名及會員編號,會籍申請人則需填寫姓名和身分證號碼。

Payment can be made at the bank account below. Copy of the Bank Deposit Slip should be send to Wikimedia Hong Kong Limited P.O Box NO . 7 3 8 5 9 Kowloon Central Post Office. Please write your name and your account number on the back of the copy of Bank Deposit Slip. For membership applicants, please write down you name and your ID card number.

  • 創興銀行 ※ Chong Hing Bank
  • 名稱 ※ Name:香港維基媒體協會有限公司Wikimedia Hong Kong Ltd
  • 號碼 ※ A/C No.: 041-258-20-900305-8


Confirmation notice is sent by E-mail after the anneal fee is cleared. Please allows us to have at least 7 working days for confirm your payment.


If receipt is required , please contact us to prepare in the next activity.

或連同銀行入數紙副本或支票並附上已貼郵票之回郵信封,寄到九龍中央郵政信箱 7 3 8 5 9 號香港維基媒體協會收,待本會寄回。

Stamped addressed envelope can also be send to Wikimedia Hong Kong Limited P.O Box NO . 7 3 8 5 9 Kowloon Central Post Office.

參見 ※ See also[edit]


You may also familiarize yourself by reading the documents below.