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Wikimedia LGBT+/Request for WMF board resolution on homophobia/pt-br

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The Wikimedia Foundation and the Wikimedia projects have no clear or consistent detailed policy on supporting LGBT contributors, those who have been identified as such, or who feel threatened or harassed in relation to their possible sexuality.

This resolution has been created by the active LGBT community on the Wikimedia projects and is firmly recommended to the WMF board for action.

Proposed resolution

(Draft) Policy

The Wikimedia Foundation supports contributors from all minority groups to collaborate on the Wikimedia projects in a positive environment.

The Wikimedia Foundation has no tolerance for any activity which could be construed as incitement to racial, religious or homophobic hatred or any other behaviour meant to deliberately bring upon a person harassment, alarm or distress. We do not tolerate discrimination against staff or volunteers on the grounds of race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, or perceived membership of other minority groups, and operate with a zero-tolerance policy for libel and defamation.

Embora acreditemos no conceito de liberdade de pensamento e de expressão, os projetos da Wikimedia não operam baseados na liberdade absoluta de expressão. Nós impomos limitações em, por exemplo, "discursos de ódio". Nós esperamos que todos os membros da comunidade tratem uns aos outros com respeito e nos reservamos o direito de cancelar o acesso aos nossos projetos de qualquer pessoa que vá de encontro contra as nossas políticas.


We recognize that LGBT contributors are at risk of targeted harassment and hounding. All Wikimedia projects must have harassment policies with guidance and support addressing homophobic harassment.

Independent of the projects, the Wikimedia Foundation supports volunteer driven confidential advice and support for those feeling harassed or who need guidance on how to deal with threats on the Wikimedia projects and for harassment elsewhere as a result of their contributions on the projects. On request and dependent on volunteer availability, advice and support will be provided by someone who self-identifies with the same minority group.

The Foundation will establish an independent appeal process, supported by experienced volunteers representing a diverse range of minority groups, for users who feel they have not received sufficient support on any Wikimedia project using the local dispute and request processes.

Nominators and supporters

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  2. Varnent (talk) (if a broader framework)
  3. Rainbowofpeace (talk)
  4. MediaKill13 (talk)
  5. NoFWDaddress(d)