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Wikimedia Language Diversity/Sustainability/de

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Wikimedia Language Diversity

A project to support indigenous, minority, marginalized, less-resourced and other underrepresented
language communities to have access to their at-risk knowledge

Key resources
Nelson Mandela
Annika Pasanen, Janne Saarikivi
Gaynulla F. Shaykhiev[1]
Wikidata: the new Rosetta Stone
Charles Arthur[2]

To implement any of the tasks below, we need to attract more motivated volunteers, help them master the Wiki-Way & respective tools.

The priority goes to such tasks that increase:

  • Readership of Wikipedias & other Wikimedia projects in respective languages.
  • On-wiki activity


  • Existing articles should be illustrated and enriched using Wikidata linked infoboxes

Improving ease of discovery

  • Search engine optimization (let's help Google, Yandex, Bing, etc. tell others about content we have)
    • Tools to access degree of connectedness:
      • Article creation and updating is clearly important, but without intraproject and interwiki-linking of existing pages (categories, articles, templates) they won't be found by neither human, nor a bot. This is also important for improving such SEO indicators as PageRank regarding results in respective languages.
  • Increase content utility
  1. Basic article stub with interwiki - an element of multilingual glossary
  2. Longer stub with interwiki - an element of multilingual encyclopedic dictionary

Supporting participant and community development

  • Setting up intra-wiki reference system with links to Meta-Wiki or regional auxiliary language wiki reference materials
  • Regular recognition of onwiki participants' efforts (f.e. WMRU-way)

Communicating existence & importance of respective communities


Let the community know

  • Internal communications
    • Using Outreach Newsletters to promote and showcase efforts
    • Language-specific social media – regular well planned posts (advice)

Engaging existing readers to participating in respective Wikipedias

  • Systemic work on achieving, improving and effectively communicating engaging team spirit among existing participants of the project
  • Including different languages into article writing competitions with prizes and other forms of recognition

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