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Wikimedia Northern Europe

The Wikimedia Northern Europe repository is meant as an easy overview of how to get in touch with organisations, working groups and other Wikimedia-relevant contacts in Northern Europe.

Working groups etc.[edit]

Groups working toward a concrete goal or with people taking on various tasks on a regular basis. Contrast with general-purpose groups and collaborations.

GLAM Exhibition
Creating a virtual/physical exhibition of GLAM content.
Contact: TBA
Minority languages - article contest and Wikimania
Working group for planning a minority language article writing contest, as well as discussing ideas for incorporating minority languages into Wikimania.
Northern Europe Meeting 2019 working group
Working group established during the 2018 meeting to work out various practical matters related to the 2019 Northern Europe meeting.
  • Contact: Anyone interested should contact the representative of their regional community, currently listed in the Northern Europe Action plan.
Sister projects and outside collaboration
Working on mapping activity of sister projects and collaboration with organisations outside of Wikimedia.

General-purpose groups and collaborations[edit]

Groups and communities which might not have a set goal or task, but share some sort of common theme, or is just meant as a general chat space. Contrast with working groups, etc.

Wikiwomen Nordic
A group for participants in Wikimedia Northern Europe who identify as women. (link)

Chapters, user groups and thematic organisations[edit]

Wikimedia Danmark
The Danish chapter of Wikimedia
Wikimedia Eesti
The Estonian chapter of Wikimedia
Wikimedians of Iceland User Group
User Group for Wikimedians in Iceland
Wikimedians of Latvia User Group
User Group for Wikimedians in Latvia
Wikimedia Norge
The Norwegian chapter of Wikimedia
Wikimedia Suomi
The Finnish chapter of Wikimedia
Wikimedia Sverige
The Swedish chapter of Wikimedia


Organizations and groups which might not be directly connected to Wikimedia, but that are often involved in collaborations or similar.