Wikimedia Northern Europe Meeting 2019/Programme

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Wikimedia Northern Europe Meeting 2019
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Times may be adjusted.

Friday 4 October[edit]

First meet-up point is at 13:00 in Tallinn Airport. Pre-meetup program itself starts at 14:00 in the Estonian Museum of Natural History and ends with a dinner in the Asian Cafe.

Time Activity Location
14–17 Old town tours in Tallinn

14:00 visit to Estonian Museum of Natural History (Q12361299)

16:00 curator tour in the Tallinn City Museum's Museum of Photography (Q5408158) project space at the exhibition "Ajapaik cabinet"

17–19 Food!Dinner

This is a "get to know" activity. Event is also opened to local wikipedians in Tallinn.

Asian Cafe, Kopli 4
19–22 Travel to Tartu
There are two evening trains: 19:07 (arriving 21:24) and 20:23 (arriving 22:18).
From Balti jaam

Saturday 5 October[edit]

Time Activity Location
9:15–10:00 Welcome and introduction to event plan
Summarizing last year, aims for this year. Intro to rookie and veteran tracks, expected outcomes for the working groups, the event itself and documentation. Final notes about schedule, logistics and friendly space policy.
University of Tartu Natural History Museum

Vanemuise 46
Room 247

10:00–11:45 Group work: Laying the foundation
Veteran track: Mapping and sharing the capacities of affiliates and user groups
Rookie track: Awesome stuff about free knowledge ecosystems
Vanemuise 46
Rooms 247 & 248
11:45–13:00 Photo time!GROUP PHOTO +Food!Lunch Cafe Smile
Riia 15b
13:00–15:00 Group work: Planning the steps
Veteran track: Projects, communications and bringing fresh blood into wiki ecosystem
Rookie track: Next generation wiki, telling the story and making it work
Vanemuise 46
Rooms 247 & 248
15:00–15:30 Coffee break Vanemuise 46
Room 247
15:30–17:00 Group work: Making it happen
Veteran track: Focus on topics: from tech to leadership and advocacy
Rookie track: How would we do it? Events, campaigns and collaborations
Vanemuise 46
Rooms 247 & 248
17:00–17:30 Wrap up: Halfway through, next half still ahead
Short summaries by facilitators, setting expectations for project discussion and video documentation on the next day.
Vanemuise 46
Room 247
17:30–18:00 Excursion / walk over Toomemägi
18:00–19:00 Some more food!Dinner Forrester
Rüütli Str 7
19:00–20:00 Old town & riverside excursion
20:00–23:00 Sauna event

korp! Vironia

Lai 30

Sunday 6 October[edit]

Time Activity Location
09:00–10:00 Lightning talks
Submit your proposals to Liina-Mai.
EÜS building
Jaan Tõnissoni 1
10:15–12:00 Bringing the tracks together

Wikimedia goals, projects and expectations according to both groups, discussing feedback, setting criteria for successful projects and prioritizing

Vanemuise 46
Room 247
12:00–13:00 Even more food!Lunch Aparaat
Kastani 42
13:00–14:00 Open space for projects, action plans and undiscussed topics

Finalizing documentation of discussions and converting it into action plans. Video booth to document the endorsed projects and results of working groups.

Vanemuise 46
Room 247
14:00–15:00 Wrapping up and closing the meeting Vanemuise 46
Room 247