Wikimedia Northern Europe Meeting 2019

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Wikimedia Northern Europe Meeting 2019
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Nordic Wikimedia affiliates have been meeting up on bigger Wikimedia conferences for years and doing some joint activities, but in 2017 we decided to bring it into another level. At the beginning of October 2018, we had our first Nordic meetup in Stockholm to kickstart more active collaboration in Northern Europe so that we can do even more awesome stuff together. Now, in 2019, it is time for the next meetup. See you in Tartu, Estonia!

The outline of the meeting[edit]

On Friday we'll meet in Tallinn, and have some time to do sightseeing and get to know each other. From there we'll move on to Tartu, where we'll spend the next 1.5 days on discussing the future of our movement.

by Edward von Lõngus
by Edward von Lõngus

Participants will be split into two groups:

  • One group, which will be building on the last meeting, will consist of experienced volunteers/organization staff. The focus of this group will be asset mapping and discussion of organizational goals and challenges to help us to increase our collaboration.
  • The other group will be for newcomers, and they will talk about what are the changes that our movement needs. Splitting them into their own separate group will allow them to be further introduced to the movement and freely elaborate on ideas and challenges in a space separate from the established volunteers.

In the end both tracks will be brought together to reflect on their findings and decide on the forms of the future collaboration.

Prepare for the meeting[edit]

Here are a few instructions for participants on tasks to do as preparation for the meeting.


We need to talk and we need to get to know each other. As organisations and as persons. And not only during the first weekend of October. Due to different communication platforms used in affiliates, we didn't agree on joint discussion space in 2018.

This is why we will be piloting Slack for upcoming meetup (join here!) and all the participants will have a great chance of testing it out. If that works, we can continue using it. We will be also using Phabricator to manage tasks in preparing the meeting, so you have all the chances to join in and get into action long before we actually meet.

Lightning talks[edit]

Each affiliate may propose a lightning talk or two. The talk should address a topic relating to the affiliates organizational profile, such as a pressing challenge, an idea for cooperation, something you’ve learned that others can learn from. Each talk will be limited to ten minutes.

Organizational profile[edit]

You remember the organizational profiles from the last year, that showcases the opportunities and challenges that your organization is facing? We will be asking similar questions, but this time it would end up in wiki. The deadline for it is on Monday 30 September.

Participant presentations[edit]

On the participants page, everyone is welcome to add a very brief introduction about themselves and browse other participants.


  • 2 September: Registration opens
  • 9 September: Registration closes
  • 16 September: Start of active preparation
  • 23 September: Deadline for submitting participants information
  • 30 September: Deadline for submitting organizational information
  • 4 October: Meetup starts


Ivo Kruusamägi will answer your questions. You can reach Ivo via his user page or via ivo(_AT_)

Or rather jump into Slack and ask us live there!