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This is a Wikimedia Polska report for 2016


According to our plans for 2015 from December 2015 till December 2016[1], we managed to:

In terms of our support for content creation
  • We organized successfully as planned 2 wikiexpeditions (2400 pictures uploaded).
  • We organized successfully the Wikiphoto contest "Wakacje z Wikipedią" (over 4000 pictures uploaded).
  • We continued Wikigrants program (53 microgrants donated resulting over 6300 pictures uploaded and 1050 articles written or expanded).
  • We finished 2 (instead of one planned) audio-recording projects (46 audio-files uploaded).
  • Our GLAM project expanded this year enormously. The cooperation with 15 cultural organizations resulted in, as of December 2016, 16600 GLAM images, of which 11000 are reused in various Wikimedia projects. The uploaded pictures are viewed over 15 million times per month.
In terms of outreach/promotion
  • As planned, we continued organizing wikiworkshops and edithathons. There were 17 of them as of the end of November 2016 (out of planned 25) - but several of them were series of regular meetings giving higher chances of user retention. The exact number of trained persons as well as retention of new users is however unknown. As it was decided not to hire a workshop coordinator, the vast majority of workshops were organized by our press officer and volunteers hired by him.
  • As planned, we maintained the activity of our PR team consisting of a press officer and a communications officer responsible for maintaining social media profiles, official Wikimedia Polska blog, publishing the newsletter and maintaining contacts with mainstream media, especially during crises.
  • The contests: Thematic Weeks (around 40 participants, 19 winners) and CEE Spring (around 40 participants) were conducted as planned. Additionally, we also played a role of an international coordinator and back-office supporter of CEE Spring for other CEE chapters and usergroups.
  • As we had supplies from previous years, we produced a smaller amount of promotional materials than in 2015. They were used in our other activities, as needed.
  • ProWikimedia award ceremony was not organized, due to lack of new volunteers to be awarded.
  • POTY/WLM exhibition was presented in 2 cities.
  • The budget for external, non-Wikimedia meetings was not used, as no one applied for this.
In terms of meetings and conferences
  • Winter retreat meeting was organized as planned. It was attended by 39 wikimedians who provided 6 workshops, 3 panel discussions and 3 lectures.
  • Polish Wikimedia Annual Conference was organized as planned. It was attended by 72 participants who provided 18 lectures and workshops.
  • We organized 4 local meetings - 2 as a part of celebrating Wikipedia's 15th anniversary, and 2 informal wikigrils, one in Poznan and another in Warsaw.
  • Additionally, Wikipedia '15 celebration was organized in Zachęta Gallery in Warsaw, just before the winter retreat meeting.
  • The Public Domain Day was organized as planned, in Solec 44 Club in Warsaw and it was attended by aorund 100 participants.
  • We organized an Outreach Workshop to exchange experience and to create a better way of conducting Wikiworkshops. It was attended by 6 people - 2 employees of Wikimedia Polska and 4 volunteers.
  • We were not engaged financially in organizing Coalition for Open Educations summer meeting this year, as there was enough money for this purpose from external sources.
In terms of International support and collaboration
  • As planned, Wikimedia Polska funded 4 scholarhips for Polish Wikimedians and 2 foreign ones for Wikimania 2016 in Esino Lario.
  • As planned, Wikimedia Polska financially supported Free Knowledge Advocacy Group (FKAGEU).
  • Wikimedia Polska funded scholarships or reimbursed travels for: Wikimedia Conference 2016 in Berlin (4 people), Wikimedia CEE 2016 meeting in Armenia (4 people), Wikimedia Russia Conference (2 people), Wikimedia Ukraine Conference (2 people), and Partnership Workshop in Berlin (1 person).
  • Wikimedia Polska invited and financially supported 6 guests from abroad to our Wikimedia Polska Conference in Lublin.
  • Wikimedia Polska co-organized a tri-lateral Polish-Czech-Slovak meeting in Ostrava.
In terms of overall budget and operational costs
  • The main source of income for Wikimedia Polska are still 1% tax donations made by individuals. Income from this main source was 190 856,32 PLN (52%) higher comparing to 2015. Overall income was up by 212 777,27 PLN (53%).
  • The structure of the expenses is almost as planned.
  • Due to clarity, we decided to exclude costs of WMF grants for which we were only a payment processor for other chapters and usergroups. This affected the "International support" entry, as originally in our plans we added this value.

Detailed report[edit]

Financial Report[edit]

The figures in the financial report are based on bank account data for full Year 2016.

Structure of income[edit]

The main source of income for Wikimedia Polska are 1% tax donations made by individuals. According to Polish law, physical persons can choose one NGO with a state-recognized tax deductible status to donate 1% of their income tax to. It The deduction is made via the state tax form, which taxpayers have to fill each year between January 15 and April 30 and where they are allowed to indicate a court-approved organisation number which will receive 1% of their income tax.

Income from this main source was up 190 856,32 PLN (52%) comparing to 2015. Overall income was up by 212 777,27 PLN (53%). Wikimedia Foundation grants where Wikimedia Polska was only a payment processor are excluded in this calculations.

Structure of income in 2016
Source Amount (PLN) Amount (USD) %
1% tax deductible 560 437,18 PLN $134 098,34 91,65%
other donations 12 420,29 PLN $2 971,86 2,03%
membership fees 3 204,67 PLN $871,60 0,52%
other 3 642,66 PLN $871,60 0,60%
WMF Grants 31 823,09 PLN $7 614,45 5,20%
Total 611 527,89 PLN $146 323,04 100%

1 USD = 4,1793 PLN (30.12.2016)

Structure of expenses[edit]

Structure of expenses 2016
Name Amount (PLN) Amount (USD) % Amount (PLN) Amount (USD) %
Projects 200 000 50000 31% 138 451,07 PLN $33 127,81 30,28%
Promotion/outreach 150 000 37 500 23.25% 121 046,16 PLN $28 963,26 26,47%
Conferences/meetings 80 000 20 000 12.4% 92 761,23 PLN $22 195,40 20,29%
International support 65 000 16 250 10.1% 568,00 PLN $135,91 0,12%
Operational 150 000 37 500 23.25% 104 428,32 PLN $24 987,04 22,84%
Total 645 000 PLN 161 250 100 457 254,78 109 409,42 100

1 USD = 4,1793 PLN (30.12.2016)

Due to clarity, we decided to exclude amounts of WMF grants for which we were only a payment processor for other chapters and usergroups. This affected the "International support" entry, as originally in our plans we added this value. Considering total spending including grants the spendings were 20% lower than planned.

WMF Grants[edit]

Wikimedia Polska was a payment processor for 2 Wikimedia Foundation grants for other chapters and usergroups: CEE Spring (Bulgarian Usergroup) and a grant for Wiki Loves Earth 2015 (Wikimedia Ukraine).

Grants received[edit]

Source Amount (PLN) Amount (USD) %
WMF grants 72 929,41 PLN $17 450,15 100%

1 USD = 4,1793 PLN (30.12.2016)

Grants spent[edit]

Source Amount (PLN) Amount (USD) %
WMF grants 57 981,33 PLN $13 873,45 100%

1 USD = 4,1793 PLN (30.12.2016)

General infrastructure[edit]

Wikimedia Polska is a registered association run under Polish law and having a legal personality. It was established on November 15, 2005 in Łódź and obtained its tax-deductible status on March 28, 2007.

Number of members: 124 (as of November 30, 2016)

  • Number of regular employees: 5 (secretary running an office, accountant, GLAM coordinator, Head of Press Office, Press Officer)
  • Number of irregular paid staff: 2 time-contractors (Wikiwakacje coordinator, and WiR in National Museum in Warsaw)

Structure and governance[edit]

  • The Executive Board consists of seven active Members: the President, Vice-president, Treasurer, Secretary and three regular Members.
  • The Audit Committee consists of three active Members including its Head.
  • The Arbitration Committee consists of three active Members including its Head.

Present members of the Executive Board, Audit, and Arbitration Committees were elected in June 2016 for a period of two years. See: Władze

Office and maintained infrastructure[edit]

Wikimedia Polska runs one physical office. The headquarters is located in Łódź, 15 Tuwima Street. Rented facility of approx. 20 m² is equipped with 3 computers and an MFP.

The Chapter has been maintaining one dedicated server and 2 virtual ones:

Dedicated server rented from OVH ([1])
The server is being used by 40 people (40 shell accounts), mainly for the operation of bots and for holding source photographs and scans. The server holds 3 wikis (Polish Wikipedia ArbCom wiki, internal wiki of WMPL Board and an open test wiki for checking if Polish Wikipedia templates and scripts are compatible with new versions of MediaWiki), 1 Wordpress-based service: the main blog of Wikimedia Polska, and 6 static html-5 based pages: official page of Wiki Loves Monuments [2], official page of Wiki Loves Earth [3], official page of E-textbooks contest [4], official page of WikiWakacje contest [5], offical page of CEE Spring blog: [6], landing page for domain [7] and landing page for our 1% tax action [8]. The server also holds a dozen of mailing lists [9] (see also: Listy dyskusyjne).
Virtual server on and transfer to E-mail service
Virtual server on was mainly used as a mailbox for holding official e-mail accounts of WMPL (for employees, members of the Board, press officer and leaders of WMPL projects). It was closed down and the e-mail accounts were transferred to paid e-mail service. It was done due to high increase of costs of the virtual server on See Adresy e-mail.

Operated Internet domains[edit]

WMPL pays for holding 24 domains (see UZ 2016-6). Most of the domains are simply redirected to the relevant Wikimedia projects and are mainly held in order to avoid squatting. points to the search engine in order to avoid direct legal responsibility for Polish Wikipedia content. Several domains:,, and point to the official pages of the contests we were organizing. points to the official page of Coalition for Open Education. See detailed list of domains: Domeny


Content creation[edit]

Wikiexpeditions 2016[edit]

Budget - 1175,22 PLN for the Opolska Wikiexpedition and 2500 PLN for the Automotive Wikiexpedition

Wikiexpeditions are trips aimed to gather photographic documentations and sources about a selected area or related to a selected topic. Different Wikiexpeditions are being organized by Wikimedia Polska every year since the first Wikiexpedition in 2008.

In 2016 two Wikiexpeditions were held:

  • Wikiekspedycja Opolska was a joint Wikiexpedition held by Wikimedia Polska and Wikimedia Ceska Republika as a part of their Wikiexpedice Slezsko. The goal of the expedition was to gather photographic documentation of the villages and towns of the Silesian region, on both sides of the Polish-Czech border which have none or very few pictures on Wikimedia Commons. The expedition lasted a week. During that time a team consisting of Polish and Czech wikimedians traveled and photographed notable objects in the region. The project resulted in more than 1800 photographs uploaded to Wikimedia Commons. See:[2].
  • Automotive Wikiexpedition (Wikiekspedycja Motoryzacyjna) was an expedition aimed to gather photographic documentation related to cars and other vehicles and objects held in Polish automotive and technical museums. The team of 3 wikimdians traveled for a week all around Poland and visited more than 20 museums, factories, and other places related to the subject. The project resulted in almost 600 photos on Wikimedia Commons. See the relevant category on Wikimedia Commons.


Actors preparing to record the poems of Krzysztof Kamil Baczyński

Budget: 6000 PLN for Ovid, 5700 PLN for Baczyński

We are continuing the project of creating open-licensed audio recordings of important works of literature. The recordings are made by professional actors in a recording studio and put on Wikimedia Commons.
In 2016 we continued with recording the poetry of Krzysztof Kamil Baczyński - one of the most important Polish poets who died during the World War II. While in 2015 we recorded his war poems, in 2015 we created recordings of his love poems. We recorded 21 poems which are now on Wikimedia Commons. See the relevant category on Wikimedia Commons
We have also recorded Polish translation of Ars Amatoria by Ovid. The book to have been recorded was chosen by the Polish Wikisource Community as a part of a campaign of popularizing important but not so well known literary works of art. Audio recordings of all three books of Art Amatoria are on Wikimedia Commons. See the revelant category on Wikimedia Commons

Wakacje z Wikipedią[edit]

Mietkowski Lake - the winning picture of the WikiVacation contest

Budget: 21 000 PLN

WikiVacation (Wakacje z Wikipedią) is a photographic contest aimed to gather photos of monuments, nature, and art located in public space, along with small urban architecture of historical value. Polish Tourist and Sightseeing Society — one of the oldest tourist societies in Europe — was the contest partner, helping in promoting the project. 243 users participated and uploaded more than 4000 photos. See the blog entry and the relevant category on WIkimedia Commons.


13 957,41 PLN
As in previous years, we continued our micro-grant project with similar success as during 2015. There were 56 applications between 2015 and November 2016 of which 3 were rejected. 53 of them are already accepted and successfully finished or being in progress, which resulted in 1050 articles written or expanded on Polish Wikipedia, 6300 pictures uploaded to Wikimedia Commons + scans of 50 public domain books, 300 new entries in Polish Wictionary, and 3 photo reports in Wikinews.
Further reading: Wikigranty on Polish Chapter wiki.

GLAM initiatives[edit]

Budget 51 900 PLN

Wikimedia Polska's GLAM activities included a successful continued collaborations with the National Museum of Warsaw, the National Museum of Ethnography, and other institutions. The WMPL GLAM coordinator supported the submission, application, and reporting of an IEG Grant for the creation of a new upload tool for Wikimedia Commons – Pattypan. For the first time, WMPL was awarded a Project and Event Grant for a GLAM project – Ethnography of the Carpathians, a project running from mid-2016 till late 2017. Around 6000 new files from cultural partnerships were uploaded to Wikimedia Commons and over 23000 files were uploaded by Commons users of the Pattypan uploader.

  • Out of the total 16600 files from GLAM partnerships, roughly 6000 were uploaded in 2016.
  • The overall GLAM file usage in Wikimedia projects is 11097.
  • The overall number of monthly GLAM file views is on average 15,663,000.
GLAM file statistics
Institution Files in Wikimedia Commons Reuse in WM projects Monthly views in WM projects
AMU Burszta Archive 7830 308 355 307
Central Archives of Historical Records 1612 234 1 445 386
European Solidarity Centre 80 109 395 547
National Museum in Warsaw 738 4367 3 517 975
National Museum of Ethnography 1340 250 216 113
Małopolska Institute of Culture 1600 31 102 557
Museum of Art, Lodz 35 29 26 101
Museum of Motor Vehicles, Nieborów 127 16 45 672
National Maritime Museum 100 20 3455
Pijarowski collection 300 458 924 355
Senate of Poland 1632 4645 6 793 218
State Archive in Poznań 671 345 1 405 916
State Archive in Lodz 137 82 107 770
Tatra Museum 40 10 5451
Zachęta National Gallery of Art 312 196 318 609
Overall 16 545 11 097 15 663 432

Wikipedian-in-Residence at the National Museum in Warsaw[edit]

Faras project page | Faras Wikiproject | NMW in Wikimedia Commons

NMW GLAM-WIKI open publication

The WiR program, initiated in late 2015, was carried out throughout 2016 in two stages: firstly, during the 3-month "pilot", the WiR worked with a group of volunteers on the theme of pastel artworks from the NMW collection. Following that, the Museum decided to employ the WiR for a 6-month themed project titled Faras on Wikipedia (the WiR receives a small salary from the Museum and is in charge of staff trainings, training new volunteer editors, helping them online with articles and generally overseeing the progress of article writing and upload process). The project aimed to create and improve Wikipedia and Commons content concerning the Faras archaeological discoveries, the Faras Cathedral, and the Faras Gallery – a collection unique on the European scale.

Participants wrote a total of around 60 articles on this subject in several languages including Polish, English, Russian, Belarussian, and others (see the article list). The articles were illustrated by photographs contributed to Wikimedia Commons by the National Museum in Warsaw. The NMW also hosted an editing meeting for the Europeana Art History Challenge. Throughout the competition, 32 articles were written and around 200 statements added to Wikidata. NMW collaboration in 2016 resulted in overall:

  • a total of approximately 100 new articles;
  • over 600 files in Wikimedia Commons, highly reused and viewed in Wikimedia projects – 4367 usages across Wikimedia projects and 3.5 million image views per month;
  • an open publication about the projects and good practices for open sharing of heritage;
  • continuing collaboration with plans for a new themed project in 2017, and ongoing upload of the collections.

Digital Museum GLAM conference[edit]

Short report | Photos and presentations

"Digital museum" conference, October 2016

On 19th October the National Museum in Warsaw (MNW) hosted the Digital Museum conference, co-organized by Wikimedia Polska. The meeting was attended by almost 130 representatives of large- to small-scale Polish GLAM sector institutions.

The conference marked the first anniversary of our Wikipedian-in-Residence program and also the second anniversary of the opening of the refurbished Faras Gallery. Our Wikipedian-in-Residence program and the collaboration between the museum and Polish Wikimedia community served as an inspiration towards discussion on more general topics: best practices in digitization of cultural heritage, cooperation between GLAM institutions and the wider public, or the role museum visitors (both real-life and digital) can play in creating and disseminating knowledge.

Carpathian Ethnography Project[edit]

Project page | Category on Wikimedia Commons

Żywiec bourgeoisie ladies' outfit, XIXth century

This project, ran in partnership with the National Museum of Ethnography, began in August 2016 and will be in progress until October 2017. The aim of the project is a substantial improvement of the coverage of European folklore on English-language Wikipedia and local-language Wikipedia versions. The majority of the regional museums are at the moment unable to share their own images, archives or collections online at all or in Wikimedia projects in particular. Ethnographic museums frequently lack funds or training to share images openly. Expertise of Museum staff allows participants to identify the valuable material, which would not be obtained by generic wikiexpeditions or photo competitions. Using the collected bibliography, the team has predefined main article subjects for each country – together, these will form a valuable resource on European ethnography.

  • 2 of the 5 expeditions were carried out as planned with images taken and film clips recorded;
  • article creation is in progress (article table across 6 languages);
  • image upload is in progress – 400 images uploaded, 300+ more pending upload – view files on Wikimedia Commons;
  • 1 training locally (in Poland, at the Tatra Museum in Zakopane);
  • wikimedians from Czech Republic and Slovakia have joined the project and will continue participating in 2017.

National Maritime Museum[edit]

Project page | Wikimedia Commons

The National Maritime Museum in Gdańsk has contributed 100 files so far and mass upload of a further 1000 files is planned for the end of December.

A Wikipedian-in-Residence has begun working and is writing new articles in Polish and English; a group of local high-school students is to be trained in editing and will write articles under the WiR's supervision on related topics in early 2017.

Private collections[edit]

  • Art collector and photographer Jarosław Pijarowski donated CC-BY-SA photographs and reproductions of artworks – 300 images, reused in projects 456 times.
  • A photo-safari at the privately-run Museum of Motor Vehicles in Nieborów resulted in documentation on Wikimedia Commons of 130 images from this museum.

Continued collaborations[edit]

Emerging collaborations[edit]

Wikimedia Polska is a partner in two projects due to begin in 2017 pending the financial support for museum projects from the Polish Ministry of Culture and National Heritage:

  • POLIN Museum;
  • KARTA Centre.

Pattypan uploader[edit]

Uploader page | Grant page | Files uploaded to Wikimedia Commons

  • The GLAM coordinator facilitated the grant reporting, testing, and community dissemination of the Pattypan uploader tool created by Yarl, backed by a successful Project and Event Grant submission. Instruction leaflet, manual, and other materials were created for the tool. The final report can be found here.
  • As of December 2016, over 23 000 files were uploaded to Wikimedia Commons using Pattypan, most of them originating from GLAM institutions in various countries.

Outreach and promotion[edit]

Workshops and edithathons[edit]

Since December 2015, we carried out or supported over 17 wiki workshops and lectures on editing Wikipedia and her sister projects (full list in Polish is available here). In March we met for a working session in order to establish the best practices for organizing wiki workshops in Poland. The results were published in Polish and English on Outreach Wiki, and popularized among the Central European wiki community during the 2016 conference in Lublin as well as during the Wikimedia CEE Meeting 2016 and a working meeting in Ostrava in November 2016. A by-product of the work on improving our workshops is a database of classroom activities, also available on Outreach Wiki.

Some of our workshops organized in the passing year were intended for participants of our GLAM cooperation projects. Among them, the most notable were the workshops for participants of our WiR projects at the National Museum in Warsaw. The ongoing project resulted in several dozen articles on important pastel paintings and painters, as well as a number of well-referenced articles related to the Faras Gallery of Nubian art. Many of them were translated to English, Russian, Belarusian, Ukrainian, and other languages and constitute a large body of knowledge available to all. More information about our WiR projects can be found in the GLAM section.

We also took over a university project started independently by professors at the Faculty of Biology of Warsaw University. In March 2016 we started a more formal cooperation, with over 120 students lectured and over 55 well-developed articles on taxonomical units created on Polish Wikipedia, as well as plans for another round in the spring of 2017. Another large project is related to our cooperation with the Association of Polish Librarians, whose volunteers plan to write 100 biographies of notable librarians in 2017 and improve the coverage of bibliology on Polish Wikipedia. We also organized a number of one-time workshops for various groups, ranging from students of International relations at Warsaw University to teachers of English as a foreign language from small towns. Overall, most such workshops provide good results in terms of number of articles created, we strive to improve user retention though.

Communications team[edit]

Budget 93 800 PLN
  • We managed our profiles in social media channels related to Polish Wikipedia, Wikimedia Polska, and GLAM-Wiki. Our strategy is to show interesting content on Wikipedia's profile and to promote activities hosted by Wikimedia Polska and interesting GLAM content. We raised the number of our followers on Twitter and Facebook by 15% to 30% (depending on the profile). In 2016, we also started a profile on Instagram.
  • We host a blog where we write about Wikipedia, and projects and activities organized by Wikimedia Polska.
  • We publish a weekly newsletter dedicated to our members and for wikimedians, in which we inform the readers about the goings-on, interesting events, projects, and initiatives. You can find all issues here.
  • We held an informational campaign about Wikipedia, inviting our users to ask questions about the project, its community and rules, and then published our answers via social media profiles and/or the blog.
  • The communications team handled 3 major media crises in 2016. All three of them were related to Wikipedia being accused of censorship by Twitter users and the right-wing media.
  • We published some information about our projects on the Wikimedia Foundation blog (some separate posts, some information for the Community Digest).
  • We promoted some events and projects in the media and issued press releases related to those events (including Wikipedia '15, WikiVacation, the milestone of the Silesian Wikipedia).
  • Our team took part in some international meetings (WMCEE2016, WMCON2016 and Polish-Czech meeting in Ostrava) exchanging experience with other communities.

Editing Contests[edit]

Thematic weeks
Budget: 4793,17 PLN
The "Thematic Weeks" Wikiproject in Polish Wikipedia has been maintained by volunteers for a few years. The idea is to announce new editions of the project in the Wikipedia Village Pump and to work together for one week on a specific set of topics - for example: Armenia, historic naval ships, video games, etc. Wikimedia Polska decided to organize a contest around the Wikiproject, by donating books for the authors who contribute most to the Thematic Weeks' articles. Around 40 participants joined the project in 2016 of which 19 won one or more prizes. See more information here.
CEE Spring
Budget: 3500 PLN (for the Polish part of the Contest)
In 2016, Wikimedia Polska was greatly engaged in the organization of the CEE Spring 2016 contest - an international editing contest about the Central and Eastern Europe. We were the fiscal sponsor of the WMF grant for the contest (see grant application on Meta). Our staff helped with procssing the grant. We bought prizes for 6 communities and reimbursed prizes for 9 local communities. We also helped in promoting the contest - we bought and hosted the domain for the contest blog ( and we assigned our communications specialist to be a part of the local organizing team. We also supported one of the contest goals - fighting the contest gender gap - by funding prizes for the international Woman in Science and Education Week which was organized as a part of the contest.
We also organized CEE Spring 2016 on Polish Wikipedia and funded prizes for Polish users. As a result, 843 articles were created and 69 were improved in Polish Wikipedia. 40 users participated. It is also worth mentioning that we funded a special prize for the person who created the most articles about notable women during the contest. In result, more than 61% of biographies created during the contest were about women. See more statistics here.

POTY/WLM exhibition[edit]

5000 PLN (in progress)
Starting in 2011, Wikimedia Polska has been supporting a mobile exhibition of the best pictures awarded in the Wikimedia Commons Picture of the Year competition. The printed reproductions (26 of A0 size, 1 of A1) of winning pictures from the years 2006-2013 are presented in publicly accessible places across Poland in order to promote Wikimedia Commons, Wikimedia/Wikipedia, free culture and free licenses. The same idea was applied with Wiki Loves Monuments - a mobile exhibition of the 2012-2014 winners of the Polish edition of WLM (36 A1 size reproductions). As the "market" for the projects seems to be saturated, we do not invest in new reproductions, but still continue exhibiting the existing ones based on the budget granted in 2014. In 2016, both exhibitions were presented for several weeks in 2 cities: Kolno and Łomża. Further details: WLM exhibition on Wikimedia Polska wiki.

Promotional materials[edit]

Table with our gadgets
6000 PLN

As we had supplies from previous years, we produced a smaller amount of promotional materials than in 2015:

  • 1000 magnetic bookmarks with Wikimedia logo and PD pictures from our GLAM project in the National Museum in Warsaw;
  • 500 brochures about the Faras project (partially donated by the National Museum in Warsaw);
  • 2000 postcards with 2015 winners of Wiki Loves Earth contest (based on an agreement with Wikimedia Ukraine) - vast majority of them were shipped to chapters and usergroups organizing WLE worldwide;
  • 2000 stickers with Wikimedia projects logos;
  • around 200 buttons with Wikimedia project logos (printed in small quantities, as needed);
  • specialized GLAM leaflets in Polish and English, created and printed in small quantities (around 200 copies) as needed by the GLAM coordinator and the press office.

All gadgets were used during various promotional occasions such as wikiworkshops, meetings in GLAM institutions, meetings with journalists, during conferences etc.

Meetings / conferences[edit]

Winter Retreat 2016[edit]

The attendees of the Winter Retreat 2016 during a workshop
14 774,45 PLN
The Winter Retreat was a meeting aimed to create a space for exchanging ideas, learning, and discussing future projects for the Polish Wikimedia community. It took place from January 15 till January 17 in a form of a weekend retreat in Mroga, a small village near Łódź. It was attended by 39 participants. The program included 6 workshops, 3 panel discussions and 3 lectures, as well as a series of informal activities. See more: here.
The meeting was preceded with a celebration of Wikipedia '15 (see below).

Wikipedia '15 and other local meetings[edit]

We have supported meetings related to the 15th birthday of English and Polish Wikipedia.
The main Wikipedia '15 celebration was held in Zachęta National Gallery of Art on January 15. The event was open for everyone - Wikimedians, readers, supporters, journalists, etc. There was some storytelling from long-term Wikipedians, a screening of short borthday wishes videos from writers, journalists, and scholars thanking Wikipedia and a panel discussion about the future of Wikipedia.
There were also two local meetings related to Wikipedia '15 - one held in Września and the other in Poznań.
There were also 2 wikigrills: one in Poznań and another one in Warsaw - supported partially by Wikimedia Polska.

Public Domain Day[edit]

2500 PLN

We co-organized the Public Domain Day in Poland, which took place in Solec 44 Club in Warsaw in January 2016, during which there was a Wikipedia edithaton and presentation of Wikisource by our press officer. It was attended by around 100 people.

Wikimedia Polska Conference 2016[edit]

Voting during WMPL general assembly

Budget: 45 000 PLN (upper limit)

Our annual conference took place on June 3–5 2016 in Lublin. There were 72 participants, of which 6 were from from abroad (3 from Ukraine, 2 from Belarus, and 1 from Russia). The conference lasted for 3 days, it included 18 lectures and workshops as well as the General Assembly of Wikimedia Polska Associatoon members. Further details: here

Outreach Workshop 2016[edit]

Budget: 922 PLN

Outreach Workshop (Warsztat warsztatowy) was a meeting of Wikimedia Polska staff and volunteers engaged in outreach activities. The aim of the meeting was to exchange experience and to create a better way of conducting WikiWorkshops, as well as to find a formula which would made them more efficient in terms of user retention. There were 6 participants. The meeting resulted in writing a draft of a model workshop and opened space for future work and findings.


20 188.95 PLN
Wikimedia Polska funded 4 scholarhips for Polish Wikimedians and 2 for foreign users for Wikimania 2016 in Esino Lario. The extended report from our activities during the conference was published on our wiki: see here.

Wikimedia CEE 2017[edit]

As we won the bid to organize Wikimedia CEE 2017 conference, we formed the organizing team, contacted and signed preliminary contracts with the venue (POLIN museum in Warsaw) and the hotel (MDM in Warsaw), as well as submitted the grant application. See here.

Conferences attended by our members[edit]

Wikimedia Conference 2016 budget
15 000 PLN
4 representatives of Wikimedia Polska attended the Wikimedia Conference in Berlin.
Wikimedia CEE 2016 budget
10 000 PLN
6 representatives of Wikimedia Polska attended Wikimedia CEE Meeting in Armenia. 5 of them presented lectures or were (co-)organizing workshops. One representative of Wikimedia Polska (Polimerek) was also a member of program committee of this conference. Extended report can be found here.
Meeting with Wikimedia Czech and Wikimedia Slovakia in Ostrava. Budget
2250 PLN
Wikimedia CZ-PL-SK Meeting was a three-day meeting of representatives of Czech, Slovak and Polish Wikimedia organizations (chapters/usergroups). It took place in the city of Ostrava between November 25 and 27, 2016. During the meeting we exchanged experience and plans regarding some of the most pressing matters, including education, GLAM cooperation, PR&Comms strategies, chapter governance, and future project. We also discussed Czech involvement in the organisation of Wikimedia CEE Meeting 2017. Report: Wikimedia CZ-PL-SK Meeting Ostrava.
Wikimedia Russia Conference. Budget
7000 PLN
2 delegates of Wikimedia Polska, users Ency and Krokus, took part in Wikimedia Russia Conference 2016. Ency provided a lecture about Wikimedia Polska and Krokus - one about Wikisource. Extended report can be found here.
Wikimedia Ukraine Conference. Budget
2840 PLN
2 delegates of Wikimedia Polska, users Lantuszka and Julo, took part in Wikimedia Ukraine Conference.
Partnerships Workshop. Budget
1200 PLN
Marta Moraczewska, our GLAM coordinator, attended the Partnership Workshop in Berlin on November 28-29.

Advocacy and international support[edit]

Coalition for Open Eduaction[edit]

Wikimedia Polska continued its activity within the Coalition for Open Education - a semi-formal platform for cooperation and advocacy of NGO and educational organizations interested in creation and promotion of open-licensed educational materials. Among others, our GLAM coordinator cooperated with several NGOs to evaluate and consult a project of "open government" law. The Coalition was also active in an action against limiting the freedom of panorama in EU Parliament, as well as provided their view on the new EU copyright harmonisation act. We also co-organized the Public Domain Day in Poland, which took place in Solec 44 Club in Warsaw in January 2016, during which there was a Wikipedia edithaton and presentation of Wikisource by our press officer.

Free Knowledge Advocacy Group EU (FKAGEU)[edit]

Tomasz Ganicz is active in FKAGEU mainly by contacting the local EU MPs if needed, but also by participating in FKAGEU-driven EU copyright law consultations. Wikimedia Polska also donated 2500 EUR for the maintenance of the FKAGEU coordinator office in Brussels.

International support[edit]

  • WMPL was a payment agent and back-office supporter for the CEE Spring contest for all chapters and usergroups in Central and Eastern European region.
  • WMPL was a payment agent and back-office supporter for Wiki Loves Earth contest globally. We also printed and shipped postcards with 2015 winners of WLE to chapters and usergroups all over the world.
  • WMPL donated 2 Wikimania scholarships for foreigners.
  • WMPL invited 6 guests from abroad to our Wikimedia Polska Conference in Lublin and paid for their accommodation and food.
  • WMPL co-organized a tri-lateral Polish-Czech-Slovak meeting in Ostrava.