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Wikimedia Quarto/Languages

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How to coordinate your favorite language's newsletter edition


It is useful to have pools of: proofreaders, editors, translators, and ambassadors.

  • Editors: Copyedit translator's content for length and style. Make sure each page looks alright, is balanced from one section to the next. Make sure the newsletter in your language looks good as a whole, and follows both local and global style guidelines. Stay in touch with translators and proofreaders.
  • Proofreaders: make sure every part gets checked (by someone other than that section's author/translator), and that a few people especially good at copyediting read over the final copy, front to back (for consistency, etc).
  • Translators: work on and split up translations. Help editors predict how much will get translated by which deadline.
  • Ambassadors: follow the work that is going on, both in your favorite language and in other languages on meta; keep meta: pages about the work-in-progress up to date.

You may find it useful to have a lead proofreader, a managing editor, and/or a translation coordinator; but the process can also work very smoothly without these.

To identify ambassadors, you can start with the list at Wikimedia Embassy on meta.

Staying in touch with timelines, other editions


Announcing your efforts

  • Add your name to WQ/Team. Add Babel tags to your user page, to clarify which languages you work in.
  • Send a note to translators-l or quarto-l, about helping with translation or the Quarto in general.

Observing progress
Sadly, we don't have our own Recentchanges yet. Instead, try these suggestions:

Getting feedback