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Below is a breakdown of some of the tasks involved in putting the first few newsletters together. Please list yourself on this page even if you are not interested in working on the English edition of the newsletter.

We are currently most in need of community/event reporters, media-watchers, and translators into Arabic, Hindi, Korean, and Russian.





Implies not only creativity but also image editing skills (especially with Photoshop, Gimp or Paint Shop Pro). Good internet connection needed (image files are fatty and long both to download and upload) as well as excellent personal availability and reactivity during the creation process (more or less a month before publication). For the rest of it, the different design tasks can be easily shared between different individuals. Please add your name below, if interested :

  • ...

(previous design input by villy, user:zanimum, Guillôme)



Here are parts of suggested reporters. see press corps

WQ is not published as of yet. If you have news, you may input to other media, including Wikizine, although it is not a part of a Wikimedia project.
  • German meetup reports : ?
  • French meetup reports : Anthere, Ryo, villy, et al?
  • Other reports : ?
  • Photos from events : ?

Interviews, essays


One main interview or talk-transcript per edition. Wikinews is already doing some of this; their best interviews could be used here.

  • Interviews, general: ?
interest from Cormaggio (see note) and andy (I could contribute news pieces)

Press blurbs


We could use a list of great quotes in english (with abbreviated sources), and great quotes from other sources (translated into en); plus a few good comebacks from people (bloggers, other reporters) defending WP against attacks or rebuffing praise for WP. Coverage of both the good and the bad is of interest.

(Past work from sjc (WQ 2), Mathias Schindler.)



After translation, the amorphous bulk of production work. E.g., layout and article selection, gathering metrics, processing interviews and contributions, keeping contributors on schedule, making summaries of disparate content on various projects and in people's heads, maintaining the calendar of events, tracking down image sources and creators, finding remarkable original work (art, photography, poetry, sound, research), selecting press blurbs, massaging content into html, text-only, pdf, and print formats. This needs two or three dedicated and enthusiastic people who have no fear.

TOC, layout :

deciding what the newsletter will look like, how long each section should be, where images should go.

Metrics :

choosing metrics and statistics to illustrate reports and articles; calculating them (or recalculating updates) where necessary; running surveys, getting data from various projects and stat scripts.

Schedules :

scheduling interviews, submission and design deadlines, reviews, translation stages, publication and email deadlines.
  • Inetd 10:06, 9 Jan 2005 (UTC)

Editing & Translation


The bulk of work on any broadly multilingual publication is translation. Thankfully, there are a few people for each major language to share this work. The list below is mainly a copy of the acknowldgments on Wikimedia Quarto, but includes those who have expressed interest or contributed since the initial publication of the newsletter online.



List your name if you have already translated some materials or you are willing to join the WQ translation team. (Names below in italics are old; should all be reconfirmed.) See also the list of actual translators from earlier issues.

See WQ/Translations for translation requests and more offers of assistance.

Earlier list (now obsolated)

Ca: Peleguer
Da: Lhademmor - if I get some instructions on how to get started, and I have the time.
De: Philipendula, Robert Kropf (but also not all!! ;-))
En: Angela, Sj ...
Es: Joseaperez, Javier García Diz, Joseph Dwayne, Cromwellt, Lizibi
Fr: yannf
It: Frieda (ed?), AnyFile, Blakwolf (and prufing), [[User:Ancem|Matteo (talk)]], davidedr
Ja: Aphaia
Nl: Fruggo (and/or prufing), Patio (ed)
Pl: Kpjas (ed?), Kocio (will try)
Pt: Helena Marchão Pires
Ro: Urda Florin Ovidiu
Ru: ACrush, Kaganer, Oleg326756, Guria, Ajvol, Karry, User:Ovidiu
Sv: Mats Halldin, \Mike
Id : Cece


  • I am interesting in helping with translation of English to Spanish and viceversa. (User: Lizibi) 12:52, Mar. 09,2006
  • I am interesting in helping to translate to Indonesian
  • I am willingly to help translating fom English to Romanian (User : Ovidiu)



see copyediting and proofreading

NB: We need a multilingual style guide to help people write clearly for translation, and a Wikimedia style guide for certain WM-related conventions.

Maintaining the contributors' style guide (writing for translation [don't use untranslatable words or flair], writing globally-neutral content [don't use "winter" or "summer" as times of the year]), editing for context and tone, providing immediate feedback to contributors.

Past interest: Joseph (9/28), bdesham, many of the translators, andy, RoseParks
Joseph: interested in: copyediting and peer reviewing the English and Spanish version, and helping as presentation editor

Page layout quirks, typos, consistency, punctuation. Some of the last people to touch the final content. Often making corrections directly.