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Wikimedia Quarto The Wikimedia Quarto January edition is being written right now. Here are some topics from this edition, to be released soon:

Page 2 Letters
  • Letter from the Founder: Jimbo Wales, Founder of Wikimedia Foundation, sends New Year's greetings.
  • Letter from the Board: Vice President and Trustee of the Wikimedia Foundation Florence Devouard (Anthere) shares her vision for the projects, focusing on the growing multiligualism of Wikimedia.
Page 3 Quarterly Report

Foundation activities since September are presented in all their glory.

  • Administration: Recent work of the Board on Membership, meetings to discuss new projects, and so on.
  • Collaboration: Reactions to the German Wikipedia CD released by Directmedia, and work on the planned snapshot of English and French Wikipedia, for joint release with Mandrake.
  • Finance: Financial Officer Daniel Mayer (Mav) reports on September fundraising, and summarizes donations from last year.
  • Development: Developer James Day reports on the current status and configuration of the 40+ Wikimedia servers.
  • Community: An overview of the many recent meetings in Europe, North America and East Asia. Some are reported on in detail; see Page 7.
Page 4 Projects

A catalog of the activity of Wikipedia and other Wikimedia projects. Reports from local chapters in Germany and France.

  • Wikinews: Tomos, an admin on English Wikinews, reports the first two months of the project.
  • Wikijunior: Our first grant-sponsored project, published for a younger audience, is covered by an English Wikipedian, zanimum.
  • Wikiversity: Wikiversity, first created as part of Wikibooks, gets a closer look from Javier Carro, who describes this growing Spanish Wikiversity project.
  • Other topics: Over 30 Wikipedias join Translation of the week on meta; The new year's "Felice Natale e Buon Anno" project from Italian Wiktionary; and news from other local projects.
Page 5 Interview
  • Lawrence Lessig (Stanford), founder of Creative Commons, replies to questions contributed by Wikimedia Quarto readers on meta.
Page 8 Endnotes

Angela Beesley, Trustee of the Wikimedia Foundation Board, reports her exeriences at the BBC. The BBC invited her and Jimbo Wales for two weeks of information exchange, and loved every minute.

We are working on Wikimedia Quarto Volume 2 industriously on meta. If you have an interest in joining our team, especially translation, please see WQ/2 or contact one of our staff.

Back issues are available on the Foundation Wiki, at Wikimedia:Wikimedia Quarto.