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Wikimedia Summit 2020/Travel and Reimbursement Guidelines

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We have to cancel all flights and trains related to your travel to the Wikimedia Summit 2020 in Berlin. Unfortunately, for compliance reasons you reimbursing us for already booked flights will not be possible. We’re aware that some of you wanted to combine your travel to Berlin with private travels and might have already made plans for that. We kindly ask you to understand that we can’t make any exceptions here.


Please note that the invitation letter you have already handed in or were going to hand in with your visa application is unfortunately no longer valid. Hence, you will not be able to travel to the Schengen Area on that visa. Of course, we reimburse you for visa-related costs you’ve already had. Below you find further information on reimbursement of visa-related costs.

Visa-related costs[edit]

Expense Reimbursable?
Visa fee Yes
Visa administration costs (e.g. visa agency fee, courier fee for sending passport) Yes
Travel to/from the embassy/consulate for application/pickup Yes (see Taxi, Uber/Grab etc. for further information on ground transportation)
Per diem No. (Exception: If overnight stay for visa application is required and if WMDE's written confirmation for reimbursement of costs was obtained beforehand.)
Lodging expenses No. (Exception: If overnight stay for visa application is required and if WMDE's written confirmation for reimbursement of costs was obtained beforehand.)

Taxi, Uber/Grab etc.[edit]

In case ground transportation was required on your way to the embassy/consulate for your visa application/pickup, you can get reimbursed for taxi rides if you can hand in a receipt (handwritten or printed)

  • that names origin and destination of the taxi ride (your home to the airport)
  • that includes your name as the passenger
  • that names date and time of the taxi ride
  • that names the total amount of the taxi ride (in local currency if it’s not €)
  • that includes the signature of the taxi driver

Please be aware that we will reimburse a maximum of 50 € for a taxi ride! We will convert the amount according to the date of the taxi ride via ECB Currency Converter or Oanda. Also, the receipt has to be in English so we can understand what it says. You can also hand in two versions, one in your language and one in English.

Reimbursement process[edit]

If you have had expenses that are reimbursable, you can get your money reimbursed via Transferwise or Paypal until Wednesday, March 18. Here's what you have to do for that:

  1. Fill out the reimbursement form in the currency you want to receive your money in.
  2. Project: Wikimedia Summit 2020
  3. Contact person: Jana Bolg
  4. Payout method: Non EU bank transfer (for Transferwise) or PayPal
  5. Put in every single position you want to get reimbursed for in the original currency.
  6. Click print and save the document as PDF.
  7. Add original receipts for every single position you want to get reimbursed for. Please note that without a receipt we won’t be able to give you your money back. If the receipt(s) is/are not in German or English, please add a short two liner in English that explains what the receipt says!
  8. Convert every position to €, if applicable using the converter of European Central Bank or Oanda according to the date of expense, save the page and add the pages to the reimbursement documents.
  9. Save all documents (reimbursement form, original receipts and conversion rates) as one PDF and send them to jana.bolg(_AT_)wikimedia.de.