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Wikimedia Thailand/Calendar 2024

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Activities in previous 2023 can be found in Wikimedia Thailand/Calendar 2023.

Calendar (2024)

Month/theme Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Content campaigns GLAM–Gallery 2024 (B20180, Azoma, and PhoenixShutter) WikiGap 2024 (B20180, Azoma, and PhoenixShutter) Medicine & Public Health (PhoenixShutter, B20180) WikiDiversity

(Tanapatjms, Azoma)

WikiVoyage (B20180, Azoma, and PhoenixShutter) POW memorial (PhoenixShutter, B20180) TH-Wikidata (PhoenixShutter, B20180) WAM (B20180, Horus, and Azoma) WikiFoodtival (B20180, Azoma)
Media Photowalk




WLE (OraMAAG, Athikhun.suw) Photowalk


WLM (OraMAAG, Athikhun.suw, Azoma) Photowalk


Wiki Science Competition


GLAM Digitization of historical documents


Wikisource X GLAM


Face-to-face Outreach* Award ceremony



(Manop, Tvcccp)

Wikimedia Summit (Athikhun.suw)

Wikimania 2024 scholarships

ESEAP Conference

WikiCamp (B20180, Azoma)



Wikimania 2024 WikiCamp

(B20180, Athikhun.suw)

Administration Midpoint learning conversation (Athikhun.suw, 2ndoct and OraMAAG) 2025 grant application Final report (Athikhun.suw, 2ndoct and OraMAAG)