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Wikimedia Wikimeet India 2021/Submissions/Copyright, Copyleft, and Wikimedia movement

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Contact details[edit]

  • Your username: Diptanshu Das
  • Presenters: Diptanshu Das

Other eager members are welcome to present. It would be great to have other contributors participating to make it a great workshop.

  • Email address: das.diptanshu@gmail.com

Your topic[edit]

  • Title:

Copyright, Copyleft, and Wikimedia movement

  • Language:


  • Type:

Preferably a workshop, could be made into a presentation as well.

  • Time needed:

For presentation: 20 mins to 1 hour as can be allotted. For workshop: As much time as can be allocated.

  • Narrate your plan in details:

The understanding of intellectual property rights and copyright is very essential to understand the essence of the Wikimedia movement and its role in the free knowledge movement and copyleft. My presentation would loosely be based on an earlier presentation of mine which would be customised specifically for the purpose of Indian Wikimedians. In case a workshop is approved, the session can be made more interactive by arranging for audience participation in a number of ways. There would be a scope of hands-on contribution as well.

Slides available here

  • Any support you need:


  • How will this session be beneficial for the communities in India?:

Understanding of this topic is fundamental for participation into Wikimedia projects. It is especially relevant for communities in India where the understanding of intellectual property rights is very poor overall.


Interested attendees[edit]

If you are interested in attending this session, please sign with your username below. This will help reviewers to decide which sessions are of high interest. Sign with a hash and four tildes. (# ~~~~).

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