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Wikimedia Wikimeet India 2021/Submissions/Growing Wikipedia’s reach in India with a new Wikipedia app

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Contact details[edit]

Your topic[edit]

  • Title: Growing Wikipedia's reach in India
  • Language: English, Hindi
  • Type: Presentation
  • Time needed: 20 minutes

  • Narrate your plan in details:

As internet users continue to grow in India, it is increasingly important that we help people discover and read Wikipedia in a way that will be useful to them.

After testing the mobile web experience of reading Wikipedia through the browser on KaiOS phones, Wikimedia Foundation's Inuka team saw the potential for a more comfortable reading experience for small non-touch screen phones. The team began by doing research in India to know more about KaiOS users and how they use their phones. What do they read online? Why is this their phone of choice? How do they navigate on a phone with no touchscreen? How different is their internet behaviour from smartphone users?

This will be a presentation on the KaiOS app talking through who KaiOS users are, their challenges with both the phone and Wikipedia, and the design decisions the team made. It will also include the lessons the team has learned so far and the improvements the team would like to make.

  • How will this session be beneficial for the communities in India?:
  • You will learn about efforts to make Wikipedia more locally relevant to readers in India
  • You will have the opportunity to provide ideas to increase readership based on your local understanding of your communities and regions


Interested attendees[edit]

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