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Wikimedia Wikimeet India 2022
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WMWM 2022

CIS-A2K is conducting the second iteration of Wikimedia Wikimeet India in February 2022. The meet is dedicated to International Mother Language Day and it has its focus areas as well. During this event online workshops, presentations, discussions, lightning talks, interactive sessions etc. will be conducted. In this newsletter, we will discuss the event planning structure & what work is already done and what works have to be done in the upcoming days.

Completed tasks[edit]

As mentioned before, WMWM 2022 is a second iteration of the Wikimedia Wikimeet India. The first event was a new experience for the Indian communities as well as for CIS-A2K. We have learned many things from the last iteration and we are following & trying to improve the process in every aspect. A few things have been already done.

  • Event page has been created. You can visit the page here.
  • Soft announcement on the mailing list has been done, two weeks ago.
  • Organising team has been finalised.

Get involved[edit]

  • Short videos: Anyone interested to introduce your words in your language to others? Let us tell you how. Any Wikimedian who wants to talk about Wikimedia Wikimeet India in your language please come forward. What you can talk about and how much time it will take? It should be for 45 to 60 seconds. Interested one can talk about Wikimedia Wikimeet India 2022 or introductory video about the event, any suggestion for the WMWM 2022, convince to volunteers why they participate, ask others to propose their topics etc. For asking any question or send a short video please write a message on on talk page or send a message or video file on wmwm(_AT_)
  • Become an interpreter: During Wikimedia Wikimeet, we need interpreters from each participating community who can translate for others and help to create a friendly environment. Be the first one for giving relief to your communities or fellow Wikimedians. You can approach us on on talk page or wmwm(_AT_)
  • Submissions: Submissions will open from 23 December 2021 to 23 January 2022. This is an open call to submit your proposals with important topics. Before submitting your proposal, please read the guidelines. For visiting the submission page please click here.
  • Requests for Comments (RFC): Anyone can start the discussion on any question related to the virtual meet. You can raise the question of whether you have anything in your mind. We will also put some questions where we do not know the exact answer, and we believe your comments/inputs will help in planning Wikimedia Wikimeet India 2022 just like the previous year. We have started to ask questions from Wikimedians, for making a part of the discussion please visit the RFC page where you can get the questions for the discussion.

Upcoming days tasks[edit]

  • Program committee selection
  • completed all event pages
  • Notify communities about the event on-wiki or off-wiki

Blog post[edit]