Wikimedia Wikimeet India 2022/Request for Comments/Community building

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Requests for comment (RFC for short) are processes by which broader input can be requested. This is typically required for policy changes that are broad in scope. It may also be useful to gain wider input regarding conflicts or unresolved issues on other Wikimedia projects with the hopes of obtaining resolution. Add a link to the proposal page or disputed page or create a new subpage requesting comments here (please use {{Rfc subpage}}). Anyone is welcome to give his or her opinion on the requests listed below. See also: all RfC pages and more Wiki-wide elections and votings.

Request for Comments is a discussion place where we are starting a few discussions and inviting you to share comments/views.

Why RFC?: These are a few questions, where we do not know the exact answer, and we believe your comments/inputs will help in planning Wikimedia Wikimeet India 2022 or any other similar event. Let's learn from each other.

Every RFC will have these components–

  • Question: Narrates the RfC topic in brief, in 1–2 sentences.
  • Opening Remarks: Explains the question in detail, narrates the things we already know, provides links to resources, and helps to prepare for the discussion.
  • Discussion: Main part of the RFC, where you will participate and share their comment/opinion/view. Although English might be the common language, feel free to write in any language.
  • Conclusion/Closing remark: (optional) draws conclusion, if applicable, at the end of the discussion.

Here are the basic guidelines to follow.

  • Everyone is welcome: Everyone is welcome to comment, from all communities, and all Wikimedia projects.
  • Topic: All the topics will be directly related to WMWM or conducting the online events and remote participation in general.
  • In search of an answer: An RFC will ask those questions where there is no clear/perfect answer yet, and a collective or group discussion may help in finding a solution/answer.
  • Duration: An RFC will be open for at least 14 days (or more than that) unless a perfect answer is unanimously found and concluded before that.
  • Detailed comment: Please write in detail, and avoid brief comments without explanations.
  • Friendly discussion: Keep the discussion friendly, avoid personal remarks and personal attacks.


  • How we can engage the fresh volunteers or newbies? How can we convince them to get involved or make editors of the Wikimedia projects? If you have any idea about the same, please drop your opinion below.

Opening remarks[edit]

Opening remarks attempt to provide some context. Feel free to edit this.

Every experienced Wikimedian tried or try to engage new editors by organising small meetings, edit-a-thons or workshops. But still, this is a challenge for all of us that how our movement will grow and how new users will get involved in Wikimedia projects. This is a question in front of us from the beginning but now we must try to sort it out.

Please come forward and give your suggestions, opinions and concerns.