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Activity report

March 2016

Aegean Macedonia Editing competition[edit]

Main page: Википедија:Уредувачки натпревар/Села во Егејска Македонија
The Editing competitions logo

February and March saw the first of our Editing competitions for 2016 that took place from 22 February to 21 March. The topic was Settlements of Aegean Macedonia. As mentioned in the last month's report, this was an important undertaking, because of the geographic and historic significance of the content for our community and readership.

For the purpose of creating content, we used Todor Simovski's seminal work Населените места во Егејска Македонија : географски, етнички и стопански карактеристики provided by the Wikimedian-in-residence at the National Academy.

There were 6 participants in the contest, creating a total of 419 articles of good size and great quality.

The three award winners are soon to be determined by our jury.


Main page: Shared Knowledge/Projects/Photohunts
The Photohunts (Фотолов) logo

This March we published our firs call for participation in Photohunts (Фотоловови) aimed at invididuals interested in going on their own mini-expeditions to take photos of cultural and natural monuments by their own choosing, or to our suggestions. The places photographed have to be such that are not yet present on Wikipedia and each undertaking is subject to approval by our community. Participants who successfully upload the photos of agreed places are then recompensed for their costs.

So far, we have had three submissions. One of the hunts has already taken place. You can find the images at the dedicated Commons category.

World Pantomime Editing Day[edit]

Main page: Википедија:Светски ден на пантомимата 2016

Shared Knowledge and the Macedonian Wiki-community held an Pantomime editing day on 22 March 2016, initiated by our colleagues from Wikimedia Serbia. There were 5 participants, creating a total of 9 articles out of the planned target of 10. The articles covered important mime artists, the art of miming in general, some variants, and an article on ancient miming.

Wikimedia CEE Spring 2016[edit]

Main page: Wikimedia CEE Spring 2016
CEE Spring logo

Wikimedia CEE Spring 2016 is an event organised by Wikimedians and Wikipedians from the region of Central and Eastern Europe with an aim to support article creation about every country in the region on every Wikipedia in the region. The event itself takes place from the 21 March to the 31 May. Macedonia participates among the various countries with its own topics, and by active editing of articles on other nation's topics on See Our CEE Project page for more details.

Educational programme at the Faculty of Philosophy[edit]

Wikipedia Education Programme in Macedonia

On 24 March Bojan Jankuloski (Chief Programme Manager), held an Introduction to Wikipedia Editing lecture at the Faculty of Faculty of Philosophy at SS. Cyril and Methodius University of Skopje. This has come by initiative of the Professor of Classical Philosophy, and students will be selecting topics to write articles about various thinkers, schools of thought and concepts of ancient philosophy and marked accordingly.

Note: Project page to be added once topics are selected by students.


Archaeoexpeditions logo
Main page: Археоекспедиции 2016

The first Archaeoxpedition of 2016 was held on 5 March, visiting two sites of enormous importance for the history of Macedonia: the ancient towns of Baderiana and Tauresium, located near the modern villages of Badar и Taor in the Skopje area. The expedition comprised four members: Македонец, Ehrlich91, Kiril Simeonovski и Petrovskyz.

This expedition is of exceptional importance, all the more because Baderiana is an ancient town little known to the Macedonian public (and even to the expert community), and its appearance was unknown to most people, since it lacked any images. The site was previously visited by Македонец and Ehrlich91 on a research trip, with the aim of determining its exact location.

Beside the total of 31 images taken, this undertaking resulted in improvement of the article about Tauresium and the creation of a completely new article about Baderiana on

You can see all the images taken during the expedition at the Archaeoexpedition to Tauresium and Baderiana category on Commons.

Upcoming projects[edit]

WL Performing arts- Theatre in Macedonia
The Archaeological Museum of Macedonia

The following are the project that have been organised and agreed upon to take place during the following period.

  • late May 2016: Systematic recording of chemistry experiments as part of our WikiExperiments project, illustrating laws and phenomena in a documented and educational manner. This was agreed with Prof. Vladimir Petrušеvski at the Chemistry Institute of the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics, Ss. Cyril and Methodius University.
  • first half of April 2016: Wiki Loves Performing Arts - the Second part of this project will involved photo shoot of actors at the Macedonian National Theatre, collecting biographic documentation about them, about the theatre. Showing the theatre building as a whole, together with technical and stage equipment, as well as artefacts in the Theatre Museum. You can read about the First part at Skopje Drama Theatre in our February report.
  • April-May 2016 (perhaps further): GLAM project at the Archaeological Museum of Macedonia. Museum staff will be trained in creating articles on the collections, objects and periods represented in the Museum. Images of museum objects will be released to illustrate the content in question. Articles are then to be represented by QR-pedia code stickers and visitors will be then encouraged to use them.

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