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Photohunts (Macedonian: Фотоловови) is a project of Shared Knowledge beginning in 2016 aimed at individuals and groups interested in organising their own expedition (akin to the Wikiexpeditions) in a certain area of the country and photographing the cultural and natural heritage, monuments, populated places etc. according to their own or our suggestion. The key requirement is that such visual content should be missing or deficient on the wikis, and therefore worth the visit and the cost. Each photohunt suggestion is reviewed by the Macedonian Wikipedia community before being approved (or not).

User:Македонец (Марио Шаревски) climbed on a tree in a „hunt“ for a better view for panoramic photo of the village of Bezovo in Drimkol

Nevertheless, the main idea of this project is to provide members of the public an opportunity to go on a 'photographic hunt' after a particular topic or thematic unit and then be reimbursed by us for the travel and food costs while on the hunt. This way, we think that we will gain an opportunity to attract new members and active contributors. So the main themes included in the project could be different just from certain landmarks (akin to Wikiexpeditions) and may include crafts, cultural and sport events etc.

The idea of Photohunts is to engage particular individuals with plans for visit and costs, and then they are approved and reimbursed. They have to submit the plan and it has to be approved, i.e. that those places need covering and that it is cost-effective. Of course, they have to also satisfy certain norms like proper descriptions, categorisation and usage in articles.


We have approved a total of 8 photohunts:

  • Photohunt on Belasica
  • Photohunt on Ilinska Mountain
  • Photohunt on Plačkovica
  • Photohunt in Prespa
  • Photohunt in the Skopje Region
  • Photohunt in the Strumica Region
  • Photohunt in Župa and Drimkol
  • Photohunt in Azot
  • Photohunt in Strezovce
  • Photohunt in WW2 monuments in Skopje

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