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Shared Knowledge/Projects/Editing contests

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Editing contests (Macedonian: Уредувачки натпревари) is a project of Shared Knowledge that takes place on the Macedonian Wikipedia. It consists of a series of regular contests in creating new articles and improving existing ones - all on a given topic that is considered important, but deficient on our wiki. Participants are then given prizes, depending on their achievements both in quality and quantity of articles, determined by a jury of volunteer community members. The implementation of the project started in 2015.

The main goal of the editing contests is improving the quality of the existing articles or creating new articles on specific topics. In each contest, the interested users will have to sign up their participation and contribute within the previously specified period for the contest. After the end of each contest, a jury consisted of three experienced Wikipedians will review the contributions of all participants and select the best three participants who will get awarded. General plan is to organise four editing contests in the year to come (app. one quarterly).

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