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A Wikiexpedition is a series of photographic expeditions organised by a Wikimedia affiliate, a GLAM group,[1] or an Education Program.[2]

The first Wikiexpedition was organised in 2009[3] by Wikimedia Polska Association, which conducts them yearly now.[4] Wikiexpeditions have happened in several other countries, including Estonia,[5] Switzerland,[6] Ukraine,[7] Macedonia,[8] Greece,[9] and Mexico.[10]

The aim of a Wikiexpedition is collecting, mainly photographic, documentation, by exploring a chosen region. Volunteers travel by car, by train or by bikes, taking photos of chosen places along the route. All pictures taken during these trips are uploaded to Wikimedia Commons, an online repository of free-use images. The photos are freely-licensed and are available for re-use by all the Internet users, adding to the sum of all human knowledge.

The participants of Wikiexpedition are Wikipedia editors, whose passions are photography and travelling. The trips are typically fully-funded by the organising Wikimedia group. The visited areas are carefully chosen: priority is given to those places with a small number of active Wikipedia editors, thus have very few photos and descriptions available on Wikipedia.

Wikiespeditions organised so far have enriched Wikipedia resources with over 30000 photographs, which illustrate over 3000 articles[11] about villages, towns, cities, and nature.

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