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Shared Knowledge/Projects/Wiki Club at American Corner Skopje

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Wiki Club at American Corner Skopje
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Wiki Club at American Corner Skopje is a project of Shared Knowledge, started within the educational program in its sub-project "Lectures" which is oriented of holding lectures of Wikipedia and Wikimedia projects out of the regular school institutions.


The project started in February 2018 within the project "Lectures" which is envisaged in the annual plan, the WikiClub has been launched in the American Corner Skopje where several members during 6 lectures every 2 weeks in the next 3 months had the opportunity to get acquainted in detail with editing, searching, working on Wikipedia as well as with all the projects of the Wikimedia Foundation and Shared Knowledge in the current year, allowing the opportunity to the members to join and volunteer. Lectures were held twice a month, each in two weeks. Attendance was of an open nature and thus we had different visitors: a group of six participants who regularly visited all lectures and were granted with certificates and several participants interested in Wikipedia from different profiles (programmers, collaborators) who occasionally visited the lectures. The lectures were thematically organized and titled as: Wikipedia 101: What is Wikipedia?, Editing: Wikipedia article in few steps, Content Check: Request for Sources, Editorial Challenges: Filling gaps in content, Common Treasury: The Richness of Free Multimedia Content and Wikidata: A new vision of data and knowledge which which allowed conformance of the content of the lectures on the various projects of Wikipedia and Wikimedia with the different ages, education and professions of the participants.