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Jews and Judaism

A poster of the Monastir Jewish Club (now Bitola), 1917

WikiProject Jews and Judaism (Macedonian: ВикиПроект „Евреи и јудаизам“) is a collaboration project of Shared Knowledge with the Holocaust Memorial Center for the Jews of Macedonia and the Jewish Community in the Republic of Macedonia. Its aim is to help create new and improve existing articles on the Jewish people, their religion, culture, holidays, as well as their history in Macedonia, notable Jewish personalities in the country and their work. A special emphasis has been placed on the history of the Macedonian Jews in various parts of the country and the fate of most community members during World War II.

The content created should then be translated into English, and then into Hebrew by our fellow-editors at the Hebrew Wikipedia. For the purpose of the project, the Holocaust Memorial Center and the Jewish Community provided us with book resources, online material and generous photographic content to go with it.

Thematic units[edit]

The project encompasses three main thematic units:

  • biographies;
  • historical topics; and
  • holidays and customs.

Content created and improved[edit]

During the project, 34 articles and 4 templates were created, drawing from material lent by the Memorial Center, the Jewish Community Library and English Wikipedia articles on general topics on Judaism. The Holocaust Memorial Center also provided various images of historical importance to illustrate the articles

You can see the articles created and improved on the Macedonian wiki project page.