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Македонски дијалекти

The Macedonian dialects project (Macedonian: Македонски дијалекти) is a project by Shared Knowledge in collaboration with the Božidar Vidoeeski Research Centre for Areal Lingustics whose aim is to create more content about the rich variety of Macedonian dialects, improving existing dialect articles in the following ways:

  • obtain part of the 2000-hour recorded dialect speech held in the collection. with suitable documentation and publish them in the public domain, to be used in articles and elsewhere;
  • use treatises on dialects and local phonology to enrich articles on Macedonian dialects; and
  • publish old dialectologically annotated texts on the Macedonian Wikisource.

Project progress[edit]

The progress of the Macedonian dialect project and its statistics can be found at its dedicated page.

You can also see the dedicated Category:Audio files of Macedonian dialects on Wikimedia Commons.

Some resources[edit]