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Shared Knowledge/Projects/WikiWine

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WikiWine (ВикиВино in Macedonian) was a project by Shared Knowledge in 2016 and 2017 with main aim to picture high-quality representing wines and wine production in Macedonia thus improving the articles with information, images and data about the wine in general and in Macedonia in particular.

Ivan Živkovik, project coordinator on a grape harvest

The goal of this project was to document a selection of wines and process of wine production in Macedonia, which has a millennia long tradition from the antiquity through the medieval age up today when Macedonia is one of the well known producers of wine not just in the region but also in Europe. Project included field reasearch by visiting two wineries with wine cellars in two different regions of Macedonia: "Tikvеš" winery in the eponymous region which is the biggest and most famous grape and wine producing region of Macedonia and the Balkans and "Kartal" winery in Skopje which is also a great grape and wine producing region of the country, as well as visit of grape harvest and processing (grinding) of grapes for wine preparation.This project will continue in 2017 in order to cover more wine regions of Macedonia.

Project participants:

  • Ivan Živkovik, coordinator
  • Kiril Simeonovski, president of Shared Knowledge
  • Mario Šarevski, GLAM volunteer
  • Bojan Jankuloski, volunteer


All photographies from the WikiWine project can be seen at: