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Wikiexpeditions (Macedonian: Викиекспедиции) is a project of Shared Knowledge aiming to visit the various regions in Macedonia.

The project aims to improve existing and create new articles about cities, villages, geographical areas/regions, churches, monasteries, buildings, schools and etc. throughout the territory of Macedonia.

The project began in the spring 2015 and so far covered 34 regions in Macedonia, uploaded more than 11.000 images and written more than 2.200 articles.

Selecting the regions[edit]

Regions covered by the project are selected based on two criteria:

  • number of articles on Macedonian Wikipedia about the region
  • number of different photographs on Wikimedia Commons about the region


Current project participants:

Past project participants:

Project progress[edit]

The progress of our Wikiexpeditions and the project statistics can be found at:


General results
Measure Quantity
Uploaded images 11.375
Used images 10.538
% of usage 92,64%
Participants 15
Number of written articles
Written articles Total
Villages 724
Churches 770
Rivers 93
Parishes 68
Monasteries 102
Mosques 93
Primary schools 175
Updated on 22 January 2022
  • Total number of written articles is 2.255 for 53 different topics, apart from displayed in the table.

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