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Wikiexpeditions (Macedonian: Викиекспедиции) is a project of Shared Knowledge aiming to visit the various regions in Macedonia.

The project aims to improve existing and create new articles about cities, villages, geographical areas/regions, churches, monasteries, buildings, schools and etc. throughout the territory of Macedonia.

The project began in the spring 2015 and so far covered 26 regions in Macedonia.

Selecting the regions[edit]

Regions covered by the project are selected based on two criteria:

  • number of articles on Macedonian Wikipedia about the region
  • number of different photographs on Wikimedia Commons about the region


Current project participants:

Past project participants:

Project progress[edit]

The progress of our Wikiexpeditions and the project statistics can be found at:


General results
Measure Quantity
Uploaded images 7.354
Used images 6.599
% of usage 89,73%
Participants 14
Number of written articles
Written articles Total
Villages 483
Churches 570
Rivers 64
Parishes 52
Monasteries 66
Mosques 44
Primary schools 107
  • Total number of written articles is 1.554 for 45 different topics, apart from displayed in the table.

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