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Shared Knowledge/Projects/Archaeoexpeditions

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Archaeoexpeditions (Macedonian: Археоекспедиции) is a project by Shared Knowledge that started in 2015 and is akin to our Wikiexpeditions, but specifically dedicated to archaeology. Macedonia has more than 6,000 archeological sites but most of them lack photographs and satisfactory written content online. By improving existing and creating new articles about the sites throughout Macedonia and their features, Wikimedians of Macedonia are bringing the nation's heritage closer to the public.

Thus, the project aims at working together with archaeologists, searching for information and taking photographs from the sites. As with other expeditions, its participants visually document the sites in question, and then, with the help of the winder editing community, use reference works researched by our Wikimedian-in-Residence and other sources to create or improve articles where images feature.

Project progress


So far, we have covered a number of archaeologically significant areas, some of which were little-known to the public and saw their first general promotion thanks to our endeavours.