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МСУ на Википодатоци
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MSU on Wikidata (МСУ на Википодатоци) is project by Shared Knowledge to collect data about works represented in the Contemporary Art Museum of Macedonia (Музеј на современата уметност, МСУ / MSU) and represent them on Wikidata in a structured manner.

The museum prides itself in its exhibits and has meticulously documented their possessions. Now, they have expressed interest in providing all the information about their works to Wikidata in the manner already done at the Flemish art collections, Europeana Art History Challenge and other places.

The initative was inspired by the Wikidata and GLAM workshop held at Wikimania 2016 and the work of our Dutch and Finnish colleagues, Shared Knowledge decided to initiate a metadata collaboration with the MSU, a venerable institution exhibiting a vast collection of works, representing 272 artists from Macedonia and around the world, working in the 20th and 21st century.

This collaboration also opens the possibility of organising trainings and editing sessions in the institution, related the artist represented in the National and International collection of the museum, possibly involving students of the arts.

Project progress[edit]

The progress of the Macedonian dialect project and its statistics can be found at its dedicated page.

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