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Gender Gap editing weeks — an initiative of the Swedish Embassy in Skopje, user group Shared Knowledge and Macedonian Wikipedia, which aims to improve existing articles and to create new articles as we can bridge gender gap on Wikipedia. So far, editing weeks with theme Gender Gap were held in 2020 and in 2021, where participants can write about Swedish and Macedonian women.

Editing week starts immediately after edit-a-thon WikiGap with duration in a week.

In addition to writing new articles, participants can improve an existing articles (stubs).

In the editing weeks can participate all registered users of the Macedonian Wikipedia. For the best participants were provided prizes from user group Shared Knowledge and Swedish Embassy in Skopje.


Main article: WikiGap

WikiGap is a global Swedish initiative with the idea of bridging differences and gender inequalities that persist in the online world. So far, this initiative generated about 50,000 new or improving biographies of women on Wikipedia.


During the editing week, participants were expected to:

  • create new articles and improve existing ones;
  • add credible external links to articles; and
  • add pictures to articles to make them more vivid.

We use Outreach Dashboard for viewing all edits on the editing weeks.


Prizes were provided by user group Shared Knowledge and Swedish Embassy in Skopje for the best participants.

Only condition some participant to win a prize was to create 15 new and/or improve existing articles.


Results on the editing week
2020 2021
Created articles 494 922
Edited articles 561 943
Total edits 1,28K 1,06K
Editors 11 10
Added bytes 2,43M 6,72M
Link [1] [2]