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Shared Knowledge/Projects/Agroexpeditions

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Agroexpeditions (Macedonian: Агроекспедиции) is a planned project by Shared Knowledge akin to the Wikiexpeditions, but dedicated to documenting the agriculture of Macedonia as one of its most important industries and its close ties to the nation's past and present.

Members of the expedition visit specific regions of agricultural significance, be they crop farming, livestock rearing or something else, visually documenting the situation and the potentials for future developend, collecting data and using all that in articles dedicated to them.

Agroexpeditions are very similar to the Wikiexpeditions with the main difference that they strictly focus on visiting different regions to research agriculture: farming crops and breeding livestock. Macedonia has more than 1,2 million hectares of arable land and pastures on which are grown many strategic important and well known crops such as: peppers, tomatoes, rice, tobacco, grapes as well as widely known livestock such as sheep and goat herding and production of cheese, meat, leather but most of them lack photographs and need improvements. Considering the importance of the agriculture for the for the subsistence and survival of man and its significance for the Macedonian economy this project would aim to increase and spread the knowledge and information about this very important branch of the economy and human life. Thus, the project aims at working together with farmers and agronomists searching for information and taking photographs from the sites. Most of the regions known for growing specific and strategic important crops and livestock were already visited during the Wikiexpeditions and Geoexpeditions and now together with scientific literature and materials provided by Wikimedian-in-Residence at the Macedonian Academy of Sciences and Arts will be explored more thoroughly focusing on the crops and different species and varieties of plants and livestock, agricultural work and cycles as plowing, sowing, harvesting as well as processing of agricultural products, agricultural tools and mechanization.