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Shared Knowledge/Projects/Macedonia-Brazil photographic collaboration

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Macedonia-Brazil photographic collaboration
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Macedonia-Brazil photographic collaboration is a project of Shared Knowledge which is organized as an exhibition of the winning photographs of Wiki Loves Contests in Brazil and Macedonia. An exhibition of images from Brazil is held in Macedonia, while at the same period in Brazil is held an exhibition with pictures from Macedonia. All of the images have printed QR-codes with links to the articles in Wikipedia and the program of the exhibition includes events of our other projects such as edit-a-thons, lectures etc. The project emerged as a result of the contacts established by Toni Ristovski on the Wikimedia Conference in Berlin in April 2017.



On 13 October 2017, on the occasion of marking the establishment of diplomatic relations between Macedonia and Brazil, a two-weeks long photographic exhibition titled "Brazil through pictures: In front of the eyes of the Macedonian public" was officially opened in Skopje. The event was part of the photographic collaboration between Shared Knowledge and Wiki Education Brazil with the goal of promoting the cultural and natural heritage of both countries through photographic exhibitions. Over 40 visitors were briefly introduced about the Wikimedia projects and the idea beyond the photographic collaboration, which was followed by a presentation of a geopolitical analysis of the development of relations and cooperation between Macedonia and Brazil. Afterwards, the audience had the opportunity to see 20 images depicting cultural and natural heritage of Brazil, much of which were winning photographs from the previous editions of Wiki Loves Earth and Wiki Loves Monuments in Brazil. The images were displayed with QRpedia codes, enabling the visitors to easily navigate to Wikipedia articles about the topics depicted. There were also two editing challenges, an editing weekend and an edit-a-thon, as side events that attracted editing content on topics related to Brazil.