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WikieCrafts (Викизанаети in Macedonian) was a project by Shared Knowledge in 2015 to record high-quality representing traditional artisan crafts of cultural significance to Macedonia. The two crafts were covered were woodcarving and filigree.

The goal of this project was to document a selection of the traditional crafts and trades of Macedonia that are on the way to being lost and forgotten or are culturally valuable as part of the national identity to photograph the workshops, the craftspersons and the working process, make video recordings of those crafting processes and take video interviews, where the person will tell something of the meaning of their craft/trade, its history and how it was passed on to them.

Project participants:

  • Bojan Jankuloski, coordinator
  • Dzvonko Petrovski, videographer
  • Mario Sharevski, GLAM volunteer


Traditional woodcarver at his craft

During the summer months of 2015 we recorded the session of a master woodcarver, who is a member of a guild and spoke about his craft, his tools and the long history of woodcarving in Macedonia. This recording was added to relevant content on Wikipedia illustrating the art in question. His speech is in the process of being subtitled into English so we can share all the wonderful stories that came from this man.


Filigree master Adnan Ramadani explaining the craft and the tools

During the same period we recorded the workings of a the distinguished Master Adnan Ramadani in his workshop specialising in filigree. He also holds an international school of filigree adjacent to his workshop, where students come to study from distant countries. On this video, he explained the workings of his tools, the work process, materials used, as well as the long tradition behind this art.