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in italic, historical pages, outdated

Editing, counting, naming

table syntax and simplified tables (proposed) - but see also Image pages for a temporary solution
Article count reform: Let's build a better counter for all Wikipedias.
Math Markup -- inline TeX support for math
Dynamic dates

People, places, times

How to write non-American names - see also person DTD
Dates in Wikipedia - see also spacetime DTD
U.S. vs. US - see also ecoregion DTD

Publication, distribution, certification

Article validation

Language files and logos

Wikipedia logo in each language
Language files to be updated
Copyright - what is 'fair use' in quotation and what violates laws? whose law applies? what problems are we actually trying to solve here?
Avoid Copyright Paranoia!
Wikipedia and copyright issues
Copyright bot
Wikipedia Designated Agent

Form of Wikipedia

Improve visibility of links
Ideas on how to write about--and how not to write about--film (KQ and whoever cares to respond)
Consolidating vs breaking up
The elements of an encyclopedia project (Larry Sanger and whoever else joins in)
Breadth and depth (Larry Sanger and others)
Modular content creation (TimShell and others)
Wiki is not paper (a discussion about ways to improve upon the traditional encyclopedia concept)
Kill the Stub Pages (BryceHarrington)
Improving Portal Pages (BryceHarrington)
Get rid of subpages entirely (Larry Sanger)
Appropriate content and plump waterfowl
Send this article to a friend
Listing deleted titles
Technical categories in Wikipedia
video policy
Dates in Wikipedia - see also spacetime DTD
U.S. vs. US - see also ecoregion DTD
Wikipedia is not Wiki - a little bit of wiki nomenclature
Format issues under the PHP script
Use pinyin not Wade-Giles
Species names (to be specific) (John Lynch)

English usage

Vocabulary - an educational and an ethical issue
Defining vocabulary - the core glossary, should coordinate with [1]
Defining pronunciation - when to use it, how to present it.
Use of the present tense, and overuse of the past tense
Reading level
How to write non-American names - see also person DTD
Species names (to be specific) (John Lynch)

See Logo history.

Wikipedia humor

Logo suggestions/Humorous logos
Wikipedia Anti-rules (by some very productive Wikipedians)
Wikipedia haiku
Guerilla UK spelling campaign
The Wrong Version


Countries of the world tables
Supporting an English Dialect - Cockney Rhyming Slang Wikipedia
Collaborative work of art
Mistakes in textbooks in America