Wikisource Community User Group/November 2017 Hangout

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To talk about various Wikisource things, such as:

  1. Wikisource and Wikidata (and some infos about the WikidataCon in Berlin last weekend)
  2. a second Wikisource conference in 2018 ?
  3. various issues or accomplishments you want to share or need help from others
  4. the Wikisource Community User Group
  5. Add thing here

Notes will be recorded on an etherpad.

If anyone has any trouble joining the Hangout, get on #wikisourceconnect on IRC and we'll try to sort it out.


  1. Samwilson
  3. Anika


2016 WSUG report[edit]

The 2016 Report is done; let's not forget the 2017 one.

Connections with Wikidata[edit]

More connection, between Wikisources projects and Wikidata, is desirable.

Problem with the Authors, not always persons (institutions, organisation, etc.), linking problems. Maybe only a problem. No portals on (no Portal: namespace, nor Author: namespace ). Need to figure out the cross-Wikisource situation better.

For example s:Portal:United States is d:Q5365167 (correction: ) but works are instead authored on Wikdiata by d:Q30 (although there is also e.g. s:it:Autore:Stati Uniti d'America).

A lots of mistakes to fix on Wikidata... Data not as decided by the group. But the work/edition structure (via d:Property:P629) is agreed on.

New mediawiki extension called mw:Extension:Wikisource! Sam had the idea of a Lua module in there to make easier to pull data from Wikidata, so that all Wikisources use the same tools and don't have to make their own.

Working draft: s:Template:Author-list (using s:Module:Edition ) makes the jump from edition to work, via P629. Also has structured HTML, for easier scraping/re-use by 3rd parties.

d:Q42372837 (with P31 = d:Q42396623 digital representation) Problem to link to Commons and to scans. P953

Other question: P757 vs. P50... Authors vs. Contributors

  • editor (P98 ?) – P98 is a person, never an organisation
  • author (P50)
  • illustrator (P110), photographer
  • contributor (P767)
  • author of foreword (P2679)
  • possible creator P1179
  • publisher/editor (organisation, group of people – P???)
  • printer P872; sometimes the same as P123 publishing house, publishing company)
  • (creator P170)
  • P655 translator

Perhaps generalised as:

{{wikidata-list |property=P767 |separator=, |last_separator=, and |intro=Authors: |outtro=. }}
<a href="/wiki/Author:Jane_Austen" title=""><span itemprop="author" itemscope="" itemtype=""><span itemprop="name">Jane Austen</span></span></a> and 
<a href="/wiki/Author:Jim_Austen" title=""><span itemprop="author" itemscope="" itemtype=""><span itemprop="name">Jim Austen</span></span></a>.

2018 Conference[edit]

what about a second WIkisource conference.

Could be good for visibility, in May with WikiCite ? ( may 2018, probably too soon), we should invite people from library to have the others side.

Big issues:

  • program !!! (work on this before the others)
  • finding venu, accomodation/hotel
  • visa...

Wishlist Survey[edit]

IMPORTANT the 2017 Community Wishlist Survey starts very soon : 6th November

re Anika: While Muck is an example for better OCR: is an example for worse... The line "Bon ber Eifenbahn fiülhrt ein eigenes Sbienengleis bis in ben Babrithof, auf weldem bie Giüter birelt von ober ju ber gabrit geführt werben fönnen." shall be "Von der Einsenbahn führt ein eigenes Schienengleis bis in den Fabrikhof, auf welchem die Güter direkt von oder zu der Fabrik geführt werden können." The Titel "Dechanifche Baumwoll-Beberei von Bimmer inann & Co. in tctschkan." is "Mechanische Baumwoll-Weberei von Zimmer-
mann & Co. in Netzschkau." (big Issue Scan Quality?)

Next hangout[edit]

Mail the list about a datetime for the next hangout.