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Wikisource Loves Manuscripts is a call-to-action and a project to support the digitization of manuscripts on Wikisource.

The Wikisource Love Manuscripts (WiLMa) Learning Partners Network aims to foster collaboration among communities interested in digitizing and transcribing manuscripts. The project will provide the necessary support, training, and resources to enable participating communities to successfully undertake manuscript digitisation projects.

Important Dates[edit]

  • Complete mid-cohort assessment survey by 12 January 2024

Learning Plan[edit]

The cohort is designed to empower participants with necessary skills, resources, and support to undertake successful manuscript digitization projects. This will include some learning showcases, hands-on trainings, and practical assignments. We will also provide a peer learning and collaboration space to learning partners to share their knowledge and best practices. The cohort includes a diverse group of participants representative of our movement. We believe by the end of the cohort members of Learning Partners Network (LPN) will continue preserving manuscripts, which will contribute to sustained efforts in improving digital access to reliable and locally relevant knowledge sources that are crucial for Wikimedia's sustainability, as well as the wider Internet.

  • Collaborative Community Building: WiLMa Learning Partners Network is dedicated to creating a collaborative ecosystem. We bring together communities who share an interest in digitizing and transcribing manuscripts. By joining our network, you become part of a dynamic community of like-minded individuals and groups, fostering meaningful connections and knowledge exchange.
  • Enabling Resources and Training: Our project is committed to enable participants. We provide comprehensive support, training, and a wealth of resources to equip you with the necessary skills and knowledge to embark on manuscript digitization projects successfully.
  • Successful Manuscript Digitization: At the core of WiLMa Learning Partners Network is the goal of achieving successful manuscript digitization projects. We guide you through the entire process, from project planning and execution to quality assurance. By joining our network, you gain access to best practices, expert guidance, and a supportive community to ensure your manuscript digitization projects are a resounding success.

The cohort of Learning Partners Network will begin from October 10th till March 14th. Total commitment hours required for the 6 months cohort is of ~20 hours, or 3 hours a month; which includes virtual sessions and assignments.

What to expect?
  • Introduction to Wikisource - Advance training
  • Advanced digitisation training on manuscripts digitisation
  • Sessions on grants, partnerships, and others
  • Q&A hours
  • Knowledge sharing spaces
  • Introduction to Transkribus - HTR hands-on training
  • Project showcase
  • 1:1 time with instructors, project team, and Wikisource Fellows.
Participants will receive necessary badges for completing each session or training, and a certification for successfully completing the cohort.


  • PPIM:
  • Transkibus:

Monthly Updates[edit]


  • We have launched an initiative to advance the evolution of a learning partners network dedicated to collectively working, engaging, and advocating for the preservation of knowledge through manuscript digitization within the Wikimedia Movement. This network comprises 21 members who represent 8 diverse regions worldwide and representing 12 different languages.


  • During November we provided our second training to the participants, which involved an introduction to Transkribus, how to transcribe historical documents using Transkribus, enabling Transkribus OCR into your language Wikisource, and how to train a model if it isn't available in your language.
  • We also had an opportunity to meet members of our Learning Partners Network at the GLAM Wiki conference in Montevideo.


  • In the brief yet eventful month of December, we organized a concise but engaging session that delved into the intricacies of partnerships. The session was conducted by our colleague, Sakti, focusing around the concept of "connecting the dots" and its significance in initiating WiLMa projects.
  • The session prompted participants to explore the nuanced aspects of connecting the dots within the context of their WiLMa projects.


Our Grants Session offered insight into rapid grants and grant opportunities for Wikisource Loves Manuscripts projects. Participants engaged in discussions aimed at enabling them with the essential knowledge to secure funding for their initiatives. Utilizing the Project Template, attendees had the chance to sketch out project details and contribute significantly to the success of Wikisource Loves Manuscripts.


At the British Library Session, participants were provided valuable insights into resources available through the British Library and Endangered Archive Project (EAP). The session covered planning and executing digitization projects, conservation, and digital preservation. Staff from EAP shared useful resources, including the Capture book for digitization project guidance, training videos on conservation and digital preservation on YouTube with subtitles in multiple languages, and information on grants offered by EAP for various projects.


We have concluded the cohort with certifying 12 community members finishing the training and workshops during the cohort, and showing interest to expand the Wikisource Loves Manuscripts project to their language.

First Cohort of Learning Partners Network[edit]

WiLMa Learning Partners Network Members during the onboarding call.
Members of WiLMa Learning Partners Network at GLAMWiki Conference
  1. jetaynz
  2. NANöR
  3. OrbiliusMagister
  4. Paperoastro
  5. Nitesh Gill
  6. Nehaoua
  7. Inas.khateeb
  8. Irvin P. Sto. Tomas
  9. Gaurav Jhammat
  10. AKibombo
  11. Pmsarangi
  12. अँजली चौधरी
  13. Prateek Pattanaik
  14. Omshivaprakash
  15. Aishik Rehman
  16. Madamebiblio
  17. Ani_ttbr
  18. Paula Duran (WMCO)
  19. MariaCurista
  20. Tofeiku
  21. Armin
  22. सुबोध कुलकर्णी

Ongoing projects[edit]

(Further updates will be added soon!)

Learning partners sign-up[edit]

The first cohort of the WiLMa Learning Partners Network has begun. Sign-up below to express your interest to join a future cohort: