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Wikisource Loves Manuscripts/Updates

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Wikisource Loves Manuscripts is a call-to-action and a project to support the digitization of manuscripts on Wikisource.

January 2023[edit]

READ-COOP gave a workshop on Transkribus to IIIT Hyderabad team and the Wikisource Fellows on creating models. The workshop video and the slidedeck are released under CC BY-NC license by READ-COOP.

February 2023[edit]

Wikisource Loves Manuscripts Closing Ceremony

Wikisource Loves Manuscripts was publicly launched at an event in Jakarta, Indonesia. The event was attended was 80 participants.

More details on Diff.


March 2023[edit]

Digitizing palm leaf manuscript in Bali

The Wikisource Loves Manuscript program recently achieved a significant milestone by conducting its first digital preservation mission in the Klungkung area of Bali, Indonesia. The mission focused on digitizing a collection of 30 lontar bundles, written in the Balinese script, privately owned by Made Oka Suryawan Salain, a respected local religious leader. Located in the Banjar Tojan Kaler area of Tojan village, Klungkung regency, Bali, the manuscripts were meticulously captured from March 14 to 17, 2023, resulting in 1,057 high-quality images.


April 2023[edit]

  • We have completed the verification of the digitized manuscript image results from Bali and have uploaded a sample of the manuscript to Wikimedia Commons.
  • Communication has been established with the British Library regarding the inclusion of the Yogyakarta manuscript collection in the transcription process of the WILMA project. The British Library has provided 76 bundles of digitized manuscripts to be processed in Wikisource as part of the WILMA program.

May 2023[edit]

Manuscript Digitization[edit]

Two digitization missions were conducted.


The first mission took place in Yogyakarta Special Region, digitizing 6 collections of 6 manuscripts from May 4th to May 31st, 2023.

On the news:


The second mission was held in Denpasar city, Bali, focusing on digitizing a collection of Balai Bahasa Provinsi Bali with 189 bundles of palmleaf manuscripts from May 11th to June 2nd, 2023.

Wikisource Workshops[edit]


On May 13th, 2023, a comprehensive workshop was successfully conducted on utilizing Wikisource as a transcription tool for Balinese palm leaf manuscripts. The event garnered enthusiastic participation from 19 individuals, including students from the University of Udayana and Balinese language instructors. Through their collaborative efforts, a remarkable total of 63 pages from the manuscripts were meticulously transcribed in the intricate Balinese script.

Yogyakarta Special Region[edit]

On May 27th, 2023, a workshop on Javanese Wikisource was conducted in Yogyakarta Special Region. The workshop venue held great historical significance as it was located within the premises of the Pura Dalem Kaneman palace. A total of 13 participants eagerly took part in the event, driven by a strong enthusiasm to transcribe their ancestral heritage. The rich historical background of the venue provided a unique atmosphere, creating a deep connection to the past and instilling a sense of pride among the participants as they embarked on the transcription process. The event was also supproted by Wikimedia Yogyakarta community as well as the Javanese Wikisource initiative of Wikimedia Indonesia.

June 2023[edit]

  • Processing the digitized Javanese manuscript bundles from the British Library.
  • Checking the digitization result from the mission in Yogyakarta region.
  • Preparing the material for the Proofread-a-thon event

July 2023[edit]


  • Digitization mission in Bukit Tinggi region of West Sumatra is started. This mission will collect an estimated 9,000 pages of manuscripts from 3 to 28 July 2023.
  • Finalization of the mission in Bali.

Press coverage[edit]

Documentary Video[edit]

Wikisource Workshop[edit]

Wikisource workshop on a Malay-Minangkabau-Arabic manuscript has been held on 29 July 2023 in Kota Padang, West Sumatra. 14 participants has involved to transcribe the manuscript into the Wikisource platform.

August 2023[edit]

  • Attending Wikimania 2023 in Singapore.
Manuscript Exhibition
    • We took part in an exhibition of 4 ancient Indonesian manuscripts from different cultures. The exhibition was held in the Plenary room.
    • Other participation was to showcase the digitization process using the real equipment for field missions in a talk session.
  • Conducting Wikisource Workshop in Jakarta
    • Wikisource Loves Manuscripts held a training and workshop on the Wikisource platform by involving the manuscript activist community in Jakarta (21 August 2023).


September 2023[edit]

  • Logistic preparation for the Proofread-a-thon, such as making the activity page, creating the WS Contest page, participant forms, uploading images etc.
  • WILMA Proofread-a-thon 2023 to be carried out from 25th September to 31th October 2023.

October 2023[edit]

WiLMa Learning Partners Network Members during the onboarding call
  • This month, an online Proofread-a-thon is taking place and will continue until October 31, 2023.
  • 17 October, an online workshop was conducted with IIQ Jakarta University to train in processing the transcription of Arabic-Malay script manuscripts on Wikisource.
  • On October 19, a WILMA Learning Partners discussion was held with the Wikimedian in Residence.

November 2023[edit]

WiLMA Engages History
  • 9 November 2023, The Yogyakarta Wikimedia Community, in collaboration with PPIM and Jangkah community, successfully hosted WiLMA Engages History: Babad Diponegoro on November 9, 2023. This event commemorated a decade since Babad Diponegoro's inclusion in UNESCO's International Memory of the World Register in 2013 and aimed to attract new Wikisource contributors, particularly from the youth segment. The manuscript, holding historical significance, is the first autobiographical chronicle in Javanese literature by Prince Diponegoro, a prominent figure in Indonesian history and a national hero who led the largest regional resistance in Java against colonialism, known as The Java War.


December 2023[edit]

  • On December 11, 2023, the results of the Proofread-a-thon activity were announced. In addition, prizes, including e-book readers and exclusive WILMA souvenirs, were distributed to all participants with the highest scores. Detailed score results can be viewed here.
  • Project wrap up and reporting.