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Wikivoyage/Logo 2013

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Wikivoyage Logo
Election 2013

This page is tae organize the 2013 Wikivoyage logo selection process.

Why? Acause unfortunately the auld logo too much resembles the Warld Trade Organization's logo.


The procedure, includin aw rules o submission an parteecipation, are available at Logo selection procedure. We invite translations intae aw leids o that process.

Aw contributors are invitit tae submit potential logos for review, in accordance wi the rules set oot thare, wi ane exception. If ye entered a logo intae the 2012 Wikivoyage logo selection process an released it tae the public domain at that time, ye mey enter it again for consideration in this process. In that case, yer submission o the logo for consideration constitutes yer acceptance o this modified 2(b) o the rules set oot thare:

2.(b) Ye must already hae the richts tae the submission in order tae license them; tharefore, ye warrant that, (1) unless yer submission is an attributit modification o a logo design submittit for consideration bi someane else or (2) ye submittit yer design in the previous Wikivoyage logo process (Roond 1; Roond 2) an released yer design tae the public domain at that time, ye are the ainer o aw copyricht, trademark, moral, publicity, an ither intellectual an proprietary richts tae the proponed logo design an that it daes nae violate such richts o any third pairty.

Please note that enterin a submission constitutes yer acceptance o these rules.

First roond logo votin haes begun at Wikivoyage/Logo/2013/R1/Gallery an is scheduled tae end at 23:59 UTC, August 1, 2013.

The finalist modification period was at Wikivoyage/Logo 2013/Finalist review.

The final logo voting was at Wikivoyage/Logo/2013/R2/Gallery, and ended at 23:59 UTC, 29 August 2013.

Voter eligibility

Ony contributor registered on any Wikimedie Foondation project prior tae Mey 31, 2013 is eligible tae vote. The process will be uisin weichted votin tae ensur fair representation tae Wikivoyage contributors. Wikivoyage contributors include onyane who haes made 50 mainspace edits tae Wikivoyage prior tae Mey 31, 2013.

If ye vote for mair than ane logo, please vote for them in order o your preference. The first ane ye choose is yer first choice; the seicont ane, yer seicont choice, an the third ane is yer third choice. Yer votes will be tallied in that order.

This is nae a secret ballot. Yer choices are recordit in yer contributions an are consequently publicly veesible.


Date Event
10 Julie 2013 Submission period opens; please leet an discuss logo submissions at Wikivoyage/Logo 2013/Submissions.
23:59 UTC, 24 Julie 2013 Submission period closes.
00:01 UTC, 25 Julie 2013 Brief community review for obvious copyricht issues, etc.
00:01 UTC, 26 Julie 2013 Votin begins.
23:59 UTC, 1 August 2013 Votin closes; vote tally begins
5 August 2013 Wikimedie Foundation review o tap 3 tae 6 selectit submissions
10 August 2013 Final modification period
17 August 2013 Finalists submittit for WMF review (if modifications chosen)
00:01 UTC, 22 August 2013 Final vote opens
23:59 UTC, 29 August 2013 Votin closes; vote tally begins
31 August 2013 New logo offeecially annoonced