Women's History Month, India-2014/Report

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  • The project pages were created on English, Malayalam, Marathi and Telugu languages. The coordination page was created on meta wiki.
  • In English, a total of 77 articles were created or expanded as a part of the edit-a-thon. 16 editors signed up for the event. The statistics, including the list of articles created/expanded, can be viewed on the website here: http://wikiwomen.in/
  • A total of 174 articles were created on Malayalam Wikipedia as a part of the edit-a-thon. The number of signed-up participants was 32. The outcomes of the event can be viewed here: http://ml.wikiwomen.in/
  • In Telugu, 108 new articles were created. 6 existing editors and 13 new editors signed up for the edit-a-thon.

Offline events[edit]

A poster on results of Women's History Month (India) - 2014 created for Wikimania, London

Online events[edit]

  • Women Parliamentarians edit-a-thon aimed at increasing the number and quality of articles related to women members of legislative bodies in India. Five participants signed up for the event and 35 new articles were created. The edit-a-thon was led by User: ParulThakur.
  • Women Scientists edit-a-thon aimed at increasing the number and quality of articles related to women scientists and academicians. 10 participants signed up for the event and 28 new articles were created. This event was also led by User: ParulThakur.
  • Wikidata Label-a-thon for labeling articles related to women had 4 signed up participants.

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Blog posts[edit]

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A dynamic statboard was created by Jeph paul, Harsh Kothari and Aarti Dwivedi at http://wikiwomen.in/ The designing was done by Parul Bhatti. The statboard for Malayalam language was created by Manoj and Nandaja Varma, with help from Jeph Paul. The designing for Malayalam was done by Animesh Xavier. At the end of the event, the statboard recorded 1015 edits and participation of 90 users articles belonging to [[Category: Articles created or expanded during Women’s History Month]] In English. In Malayalam, 1885 edits were recorded from 46 participants.