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World War I edit-a-thons/Australia

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"After June 28, the day that Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria and his consort were assassinated at Sarajevo, he [ Arthur Schnitzler ] succinctly recorded the major developments, the diplomatic maneuverings, and the ultimatums. But like nearly everyone else, he was unprepared for what would happen. ... 'News of England's declaration of war on Germany. World War. World ruin. Dreadful and monstrous news - Ungeheure und ungeheuerliche Nachrichten. Everybody is at a loss.' ... the world would never be the same."[1]

Sacrifice by Rayner Hoff in the ANZAC War Memorial, Sydney
"Welcome Home" for returning World War I soldier Fred Tippett

For Australia, as for many nations, the First World War remains the most costly conflict in terms of deaths and casualties. From a population of fewer than five million, 416,809 men enlisted, of which over 60,000 were killed and 156,000 wounded, gassed, or taken prisoner.[2] Beyond that, the impact on people at home was profound.


To improve the authority, reliability and coverage of Wikipedia articles about Australia's involvement in World War I,[3] with particular reference to the social context and impact and women's involvement as these are under-represented aspects.


The Australian WWI editathons are part of an ongoing relationship between Wikimedia Australia and the State Library of New South Wales and also a global focus on the First World War during its centenary. For example, photographers attending the editathons may be interested in using them as part of their engagement in the related Europeana special First World War Award for Wiki Loves Monuments photo competition. See: Wikipedia:GLAM/Europeana.

WWI edit-a-thons[edit]

1. June 2013[edit]

  • Date: 28 and 29 June 2013 YesY (Done)
  • Time: Anytime over the weekend
  • Venue: Online (to coincide with European editathon)

Interested Wikimedians

2. November 2013[edit]

  • Date: Saturday 23 November 2013 YesY (Done)
  • Time: 10am - 4pm (10 - 12 backstage pass guided tour with Library curators)
  • Venue: The Friends Room, State Library of NSW (map and directions)

A meetup at the State Library of NSW on 23 November including a backstage pass event in the morning and editathon in the afternoon to follow Armistice Day 11 November 2013 and with the launch of the Library's WWI website, which will contain new material for use in relevant articles. The library's expert curators will make available items from the collection, including rare and original materials usually not available to the public. The Library subscribes to several journals and databases. While on site, readers have access to the electronic journals and databases. Remote access is available to some of these resources for people with a readers card.

Wikimedians from around the country encouraged to participate either in person or online at this first backstage pass at an Australian cultural institution. The venue and the occasion can support attendance from new or potential Wikipedians.

Add your name to the list below. Note whether you will be attending the Library on the day or participating online.

Interested Wikimedians


  • Participants: Aliaretiree; 99of9; JustFishing; James; Whiteghost.ink; WikiWookie; Wittylama
  • New Content: A new WP article was created at this event: the biography of Langford Wellman Colley-Priest which appeared as DYK on 28 November 2013.
  • Technical development: 99of9 developed a tool for use with images from State Library of NSW (SLNSW).
  • Commons uploads: during the course of the editathon, six historic images from the SLNSW collections were uploaded to Commons and a week later, the total exceeded 200.
  • New editor: User JustFishing, a complete newcomer to WP, was invited, attended and learned how to edit.
  • Knowledge sharing: A curator from SLNSW showed and explained rare diaries from WWI, one of whose authors became the subject of editathon content development. Participants shared expertise and developed skills.
  • Sponsor's needs: SLNSW material from the collection was uploaded and utilised.
  • Fun: The group worked well and productively. It was an enjoyable day.

3. August 2014 (date to be confirmed)[edit]

  • Date: TBA
  • Time: TBA
  • Venue: TBA

A meetup, backstage pass event and editathon at the State Library of NSW to coincide with the launch of an exhibition at the Library in August 2014. Add your name to the list below.

Interested Wikimedians

  • Your name here!


We need good articles on the impact of the war and the relationships between the existing articles needs to be thought through. That is, what content goes in which article? Are all countries evenly represented? Which article is a parent article and which is a subordinate one? Articles that need to be created/improved include:

Article Work needed/Comments/Resources
Women in warfare and the military (1900–1939) Existing article needs internationalising
WWI conscription in Australia Existing low quality article on a highly important topic
ANZAC War Memorial Very important monument/memorial that needs better citations
Sydney Cenotaph Needs work
Women in WW I Article does not mention Australian women in relation to WWI
Women in the workforce Article does mention Australian women in relation to WWI
Women's roles in the World Wars Needs content balanced by nation. Material about Australia should be added and relationship to article Women in the First World War needs thinking through
Women in the First World War Mostly about America - needs rationalising with Women's roles in the World Wars
Australian women during WWI Need biographical articles to be broken out; sources needed
Australian home front during WWI Article needed
Australian Voluntary Hospital Article needed
Australian Comforts Fund Article needed
The Cheer-Up Society Article needed
Voluntary Aid Detachments Australian women's contributions need adding
Women's Christian Temperance Union Develop to include Australian women
Australian Women's National League Needs developing
Women's Peace Army Needs developing
Australian Army Nursing Service Stub which should be expanded
Evelyn Conyers Head of the Australian Army Nursing Service for most of the war and has an ADB entry but no Wikipedia article
Snowball marches Lengthy, but under-referenced and not high quality article on a significant phenomenon
World War I defences of Australia Article needed (possibly with a better title!). Draft under development by Nick-D here, and all contributions are very welcome.
Crime and the First Australian Imperial Force Significant topic which has been the subject of several books and articles, but has no Wikipedia article
Official History of Australia in the War of 1914–1918 Article covering what remains the main history of Australia's involvement in the war is under-developed
Digger slang The slang used by Australian soldiers has been covered in several journal articles, reliable websites and books, but Wikipedia's coverage of the topic is brief and unreferenced.
Bluebirds (Australian nurses) Australian nurses who volunteered to serve with the Red Cross in France. No article at present, sources include: [1] [2] and an article in the January 2009 edition of the AWM's magazine Wartime [3]. Article created, and further contributions would be very welcome. [Article created for Editathon #1]
Australian plebiscite, 1917 While the article for the 1916 Australian plebiscite is quite thorough, this one is not much more than a stub. [Article developed during Editathon #1]
Claude Marquet Illustrator responsible for much iconic anti-conscription propaganda. [Article created for Editathon #1]
w:Chemical weapons in World War I A former FA, perhaps we can get it back up onto the pedestal?
w:Eleanor Elizabeth Bourne The first woman to study medicine in Queensland, later served as a military doctor in Britain during the war.


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New South Wales[edit]

South Australia[edit]




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  • Institutions with photographic collections contribute public domain images to the Flickr Commons. It is a requirement for participation in the program that institutions may rightly claim "no known copyright restrictions" on the content they share. These images can be included in Wikimedia Commons and Wikipedia. Note: search the Flickr Commons for World War One for relevant images. Australian contributors include: Powerhouse Museum, State Records NSW, State Library of Queensland, State Library of NSW, etc. See the contributing institutions listed.
  • Memorials and honour boards etc in South Australia are at: SA & NT War memorials
  • Commons Category:World War I memorials in Australia.

What was the effect of World war 1 on the African colonization[edit]

To ask specific questions of the State Library of NSW and its experts or discuss the articles, go to the talk page.


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