Write for the Rights

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Write for the Rights is an educational project that works on improving Wikimedia platforms content related to human rights world wide.


  1. Enrich the content related to Human rights on Wikipedia and the other Wikimedia projects.
  2. Reduce the language gap that exists on Wikipedia and that is related to human rights topics.
  3. Engage contributors from vulnerable communities marginalized by the society and the law.


It all started after User:Kawayashu participated in the Wikipedia for Peace editathon in Sotckholm in 2018. He noticed there that the content on Arabic wikipedia related to LGBTQI+ topics and sexual education in general is almost inexistent.

Our work[edit]

The participants in Tunis


  1. Write for the Rights Tunis. This event focused on the LGBTQI+ communities in the MENA region and the sexual education.


This event is organized mainly by the french NGO Didac'Ressources from the 20th to the 23rd of June 2019. It is focusing on the Migration rights for refugees in France by enriching and updating the Wikipedia content related to this right in different languages, but mainly minority ones. The event is part of the official activities of the UN's world refugee day|United Nations' World refugee day in Marseille. Apart of this, the project has an activist aproach as it will happen in the same days as the 5+5 summit organized by the french president office. Detailled project page in french: Ecrire pour les droits/Marseille/bienvenue

Targeted community of the project[edit]

The event is trying to reach the following communities based in France, mainly Marseille:

  • Illegal migrants
  • Refugees
  • Asylum seekers

As these people are the most concerned by this right, and most of them do not master privilieged european languages such as french or english, but are fluent with their native languages. So by showing and encouraging them to write in their native languages, they provide the people from their original countries by a more complete and easier access to information about their right for migration.

Activities of the event[edit]

Detailled agenda of the event can be found in french here

  • Training and writing sessions on wikipedia
  • Field trip for some human rights institutions in Marseille that work on refugees and migrants rights
  • Participation in the UN's World's refugee day
  • Partcipation in the side events of 5+5 summit of the french presidency.

Topics to write about[edit]

You can check the french page for the task list here:

  • National and international laws related to migration and movement
  • Activists working on migration right
  • Institutions defending the right to movement

Supporters of the project[edit]

Write for the Rights is being supported by many Wikimedian and non Wikimedian insitutions on many scales: Financially, academically, logistically and humanly.

Our Wikimedian supporters include:

  • Wikimedia Foundation
  • Wikimedia Germany
  • Wikimedia France
  • Wikimedia Switzerland
  • Wikimedia Spain
  • Wikimedia LGBT+ User Group

While the non Wikimedian supporters are so far:

  • Mawjoudin organization
  • Didac'ressources organization
  • Vermeg