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The following is a proposed Wikimedia document. References or links to this page should not describe it as supported, adopted, common, or effective. The proposal may still be in development, under discussion, or in the process of gathering consensus for adoption (which is not determined by counting votes).


Global renamers are a group of users with the technical ability to change the name of a global account in accordance with the global rename policy. Global renamers are appointed by stewards.

The purpose of this group is to allow users who are experienced bureaucrats on individual projects to help with the global renaming process, from the time on when as a part of the SUL finalization, renaming rights will be removed from bureaucrats. This will allow the workload of global renames to be spread out more evenly, and also draw on the experience of these global renamers from their home projects to prevent account renaming to usernames which violate individual project policies. Global renamers should focus on requests from their home wiki, with the potential to expand to requests from other projects as they gain experience with global renaming.


Membership in the global renamers group can be granted to users who request it on SRGP. These requests will run for at least two weeks, and require consensus for promotion and a support margin of at least 80%.

Special nomination provisions until end of January 2015[edit]

For the commencement of this process after the local renameuser right is removed from bureaucrats, bureaucrats who are experienced with the rename rights can request membership in this group on SRGP. If no objections are raised in 3 days after someone nominated themself at SRGP, they will be made a global renamer. If objections are raised, a short discussion should ensue, at which point after 48 hours an uninvolved steward will close it and analyse whether consensus believes the concerns are valid or not. If the concerns are considered valid, the candidate must nominate themself via the standard process, or the steward can convert the special nomination to be a standard nomination.

Removal of access[edit]

Global renamer rights can be removed immediately by a steward in the case of abuse or serious misuse, after which a request for comment must be filed. In other cases, a request for comment can be filed, and the rights removed by a steward if it is closed with consensus for that course of action. Their rights will also be removed when they have not taken any action with the rights within a year. They may re-apply through the regular process.


The global renamers group contains the following right on Meta-Wiki:

  • centralauth-rename - to rename a global account on all public WMF projects

Users with global rename access[edit]

  • Last updated: 2014-09-16
Name Languages spoken Renamer since
28bytes en 2014-09-05
99of9 en 2014-09-05
Acalamari en 2014-09-13
Adavyd ru, en-4, de-3, no-2 2014-09-06
Ahonc uk, ru-3, en-2, de-1 2014-09-17
Andrei Stroe ro, en-2, fr-2, it-1 2014-09-08
APPER de, en-3, fr-1 2014-09-05
Céréales Killer fr, es, en-3 2014-09-17
DerFussi de, en-2 2014-09-17
Deskana en, fr-1 2014-09-06
DHN vi, en-4 2014-09-14
Djsasso en, fr-1 2014-09-06
Dschwen de, en-4, fr-1 2014-09-12
Ejs-80 fi, en-3, sv-1 2014-09-05
Érico Júnior Wouters pt, en-2, es-1 2014-09-19
Esprit Fugace fr, en-3, de-2 2014-09-05
Geraki el, en-3 2014-09-06
Holder gsw, de, en-3, pfl-3 2014-09-06
Inkowik de, en-2, fr-1 2014-09-04
Itti de, en-2 2014-09-05
JAn Dudík cs, en-3, sk-2, de-1 2014-09-20
Kaare da, en-3, no-2, sv-2, de-2, nn-1, es-1 2014-09-06
Kanjy ja, en-2, de-1 2014-09-15
Kegns zh, en-2 2014-09-19
Kingturtle en 2014-09-05
Ladsgroup fa, en-2, de-1 2014-09-08
Lazyhawk ru, en-4, ceb-4, tl-3, hil-2 2014-09-06
Litlok fr, en-3, de-2, ru-1 2014-09-04
Mahitgar mr, hi-4, en-3, sa-2, ahr-1, bh-1, pi-1, knn-1, vah-1, khn-1, ne-1, new-1 2014-09-15
Maire pl, en-4, es-2, de-2, fr-2, ru-1 2014-09-18
Masti pl, en-4, de-3, ru-2 2014-09-16
Maxim en 2014-09-08
MBq de, en-3, fr-1 2014-09-05
Miss Manzana es, en-3, pt-1, fr-1 2014-09-15
Mskyrider tr, en-3, fr-3, es-1 2014-09-05
Penn Station ja, en-2 2014-09-04
Pmlineditor bn, en, hi-3, hif-1, as-1, de-1 2014-09-20
Praveenp ml, en-2, hi-2, ta-2, sa-1 2014-09-06
Ralgis es, en-4, la-2, de-1, el-1, he-1, ja-1, yue-1 2014-09-13
Rubin16 ru, tt, en-3 2014-09-06
Rxy ja, en-1 2014-09-05
Samat hu, en-2, de-1 2014-09-08
Stephen G. Brown en, es-4, de-4, ru-4, fr-3, pt-3,
ar-2, la-2, el-2, ja-2, cmn-2, ko-2, nl-2, it-2, sv-2, he-2, fi-2, fa-2, th-2, bg-2, km-2, pl-2, uk-2, sw-2, nv-1, oj-2, ta-1
Taketa nl-4, li-4, en-4, de-1, fr-1, la-1 2014-09-05
Tchoř cs, en-3, sk-3, de-2, hsb-2, la-1 2014-09-09
Tiptoety en 2014-09-07
Vladimir Solovjev ru, en-1 2014-09-06
Vogone de, en-3, lt-2, fr-2, nl-1 2014-09-05
Vriullop ca, es-4, en-2, fr-2 2014-09-12
WJBscribe en, fr-3, de-1 2014-09-04
Xeno en 2014-09-04
  • Stewards also have the ability to globally rename accounts and usurp local accounts.

If there's already an unattached local account for a renamer on a Wiki (thus the renamer can't have an own local account), user page moves will appear as being done by Global rename script.

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