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This is part of the Wikilambda development plan.
Continues from Wikilambda plan summary.

All names - Abstract Wikipedia and Wikilambda - are preliminary and meant mostly for writing this proposal and discussing it.

The current names are based on the following idea:

  • Abstract Wikipedia: the content in Abstract Wikipedia abstracted away from a concrete language
  • Wikilambda: this is based on the notion that all functions can be grounded in en:lambda calculus. Also, Wλ looks kinda geeky.

Note that the name "Abstract Wikipedia" will not, in fact, stick around. When the project is done, Abstract Wikipedia will be just a part of Wikidata. This is just a name for the development work, and therefore naming is not that crucial. Wikilambda on the other hand would be a new Wikimedia project, and thus the name will have rather high visibility. It would be good to come up with a good name for that.

There have been three good reasons against the name Wikilambda brought up so far:

  • It is really hard to spell for many people (says Effeietsanders)
  • Some people keep misreading it as Wikilambada (says Jean-Frédéric)
  • It also easily misreads as WikiIambda / Wikiiambda (that's, with yet another i / I instead of the l / L), so it should at least be WikiLambda with a capital L (suggested by Fuzheado)

Alternative names that have been considered or suggested:

Other suggestions are welcome.

In fact, the first task P1.1 for the project will be to decide with the community together on a name and on a logo. This had precedence for previous projects (Logo of Wikidata, Name of Wikivoyage).

Continued in Wikilambda goals.