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Affiliate liaisons are members of the Affiliations Committee assigned to help and remain in contact with specific Wikimedia affiliates. It is a service started in May 2014 by the Affiliations Committee.

Each member of the Affiliations Committee is assigned as a liaison to multiple affiliates. Each affiliate will be assigned a primary liaison, who will be their main contact, and a secondary liaison, who is available if the primary is not and able to help with more complex situations. While an affiliate's liaisons may change over time, they will always have at least one liaison assigned to them.

Your affiliate's liaison will be in contact periodically, or you may contact them at any time.

  • Finding who has the answer to funding, logo, legal, technical, or just about any Wikimedia-related questions
  • Compliance with your agreement with the Wikimedia Foundation
  • Required activity and finance reports
  • Grant applications to the Wikimedia Foundation
  • Locating specific Wikimedia resources
  • Networking with potential Wikimedia collaborators
  • Feedback on planned activities
  • Troubleshooting problems faced by affiliates
  • Developing an effective, efficient, and sustainable organization model
  • And more – tell us what you need!

Some examples:

  • "We need help setting up our first website."
  • "Who is in charge of the Wikimedia blog?"
  • "How do we get funding from the Wikimedia Foundation for our first activity?"
  • "Our Meta-Wiki page needs translations added."
  • "We need help getting through a financial crisis."
  • "Who in our area can we work with on Wiki Loves Monuments this year?"

What are affiliate liaisons not able to do?

  • Respond instantly. Members of the Affiliations Committee are volunteers, and have many tasks assigned to them. Your liaisons will be prompt, but please be patient.
    • If it is urgent, please indicate that and consider emailing the entire committee: AffCom(_AT_)lists.wikimedia.org
  • Speak on behalf of Wikimedia Foundation – any inquires needing an official response will be directed to Foundation staff or the board.
  • Answer every question ourselves. Your liaisons will make every effort to locate an answer or connect you with the people who should have an answer.
  • Predict every need of the affiliates. Please communicate with your liaisons how your affiliate is doing and what you need. Your liaisons are best able to help you if you tell them what you need.

Chapter liaisons
附属 Liaison 1 Liaison 2
Wikimedia Armenia Carlos Colina Josh Lim
Wikimedia Argentina Salvador Alcántar Morán Carlos Colina
Wikimedia Österreich Salvador Alcántar Morán
Wikimedia Australia Kirill Lokshin
Wikimedia Bangladesh Salvador Alcántar Morán Carlos Colina
Wikimedia Belgium
Wikimedia Canada Kirill Lokshin
Wikimedia CH
Wikimedia Chile Galileo Vidoni Salvador Alcántar Morán
Wikimedia Česká republika
Wikimedia Deutschland
Wikimedia Danmark Carlos Colina
Wikimedia Eesti Carlos Colina Kirill Lokshin
Wikimedia España Salvador Alcántar Morán Galileo Vidoni
Wikimedia Suomi Kirill Lokshin
Wikimédia France Kirill Lokshin
Wikimedia Hong Kong Josh Lim
Wikimédia Magyarország
Wikimedia Indonesia Josh Lim Salvador Alcántar Morán
Wikimedia Israel Kirill Lokshin
Wikimedia India
Wikimedia Italia Galileo Vidoni Carlos Colina
Wikimedia Macedonia Carlos Colina
Wikimedia Macau Josh Lim Carlos Colina
Wikimedia México Galileo Vidoni
Wikimedia Nederland
Wikimedia Norge Kirill Lokshin
Wikimedia Philippines Salvador Alcántar Morán Kirill Lokshin
Wikimedia Polska Josh Lim
Wikimedia Portugal Galileo Vidoni Salvador Alcántar Morán
Wikimedia Serbia Carlos Colina Josh Lim
Wikimedia Russia Kirill Lokshin
Wikimedia Sverige Kirill Lokshin
Wikimedia Taiwan Josh Lim
Wikimedia Ukraine Kirill Lokshin Salvador Alcántar Morán
Wikimedia UK Kirill Lokshin
Wikimedia District of Columbia Salvador Alcántar Morán
Wikimedia New York City
Wikimedia Uruguay Galileo Vidoni Salvador Alcántar Morán
Wikimedia Venezuela Salvador Alcántar Morán
Wikimedia South Africa Carlos Colina

Thematic organization liaisons
附属 Liaison 1 Liaison 2
Amical Wikimedia Carlos Colina

User group liaisons
附属 Liaison 1 Liaison 2
Algeria Wikimedians User Group Carlos Colina
Azerbaijani Wikimedians User Group Carlos Colina Josh Lim
Wikimedia Community User Group Brasil Galileo Vidoni Carlos Colina
Cascadia Wikimedians User Group Kirill Lokshin
Wikimedia User Group China Josh Lim
Wikimedistas de Colombia User Group Salvador Alcántar Morán
Egypt Wikimedians User Group Carlos Colina
Esperanto kaj Libera Scio (ELiSo) Carlos Colina Salvador Alcántar Morán
Wikimedia Ghana User Group Carlos Colina
GLAM-Wiki US Consortium Kirill Lokshin
Wikimedia Community User Group Greece Carlos Colina Salvador Alcántar Morán
Wikimedians of Iceland User Group Carlos Colina
Wikimedia LGBT+ User Group Kirill Lokshin
Wikimedians of Nepal Carlos Colina
New England Wikimedians Kirill Lokshin
Wikimedia Community User Group Pakistan Carlos Colina
Wikimedians in Thailand Josh Lim
Wikimedia TN User Group Carlos Colina
The Wikinewsie Group Salvador Alcántar Morán
Wiki Project Med Kirill Lokshin
Wikisource Community User Group Salvador Alcántar Morán